How to Strengthen Your SEO Strategy to Improve Visibility and Sales

By Guest Author | keywords SEO | November 20, 2020

Making sales is the ultimate goal of every business. In fact, selling a product or service is the very reason people set up businesses. However, you will be doing your business an injustice if you sit down and wait for people to come and buy. It is paramount that you find tactics that will lead people to your business.


One of the best ways is to find a reliable tool that will help you build a high-converting online sales funnel. One such tool is ClickFunnels. Combined with effective Clickfunnels addons, you can create a sales funnel that will help you build an emailing list and optimized pages for upselling. They also help you streamline your sales process among other things.

However, you need to go beyond just creating a sales funnel. It is important that people are able to find you in online search engines. How you will increase visibility is by having a strong SEO strategy in place.

 So, how do you strengthen your SEO strategy? Here are some tips to get you started.

1. Create valuable content

People need a reason to keep coming back to your website. By creating high-quality content, you are doing just that. Take your time to research what people in your niche are doing online. What answers are they looking for? What are their pain points? Having these insights will give you an idea of the topics to dwell on and the keywords to include in your articles.

The amount of time people stay on your website affects SEO ranking. In that case, you want to make the content interesting to increase your visitors’ dwell time. In addition, keep updating your content so that it stays fresh, recent, and relevant.

2. Use keywords well

Keywords are generally the words that people are using when searching for information online. By incorporating them in your website, you are increasing the chances for people to find you on search engines. Different people use different phrases to search and locate the same product. You need to put in the work to find these popular phrases for your SEO strategy. For instance, if you’re competing for local services, such as gyms, you will need an SEO for gyms strategy, that will help you rank in local directories for keywords that match your services.

Once you find these keywords, incorporate them in your content, image descriptions, metadata, page titles, headings, URLs, and emails as well as any other relevant places. It is also good to note that longtail keywords (four-plus word phrases) help in improving your ranking. You also need to avoid keywords cannibalism. This is where you use the same keywords for multiple pages on your website. Doing this gives the search engine a hard time trying to figure out which page to rank were, which works against your SEO efforts.

3. List your business on Google My Business

Google My Business listing allows an easier way to rank high up on Google search results. This is because it gives consumers a quicker way to find your business in the search listing.

For instance, if you’re thinking of expanding your law business online, make sure you relish the benefits of digital marketing. The experts at suggest using link building and search engine optimization to rank your firm higher in the search engine results page. 

In addition, it allows customers to leave a review. The more positive reviews that you receive the more credible you appear to potential customers, and the more the chances of them clicking on your business. Besides that, reviews help improve your ranking as well.

Use this platform to create a business profile. Make sure you fill out your business information correctly, what you do, photos, location, address, contact details, and the like. Make sure you encourage your customers to leave a positive review for you.

4. Optimize for mobile

Most people are turning to their mobile phones when they need to search the web. An interesting fact about browsing on mobile is that people mostly consume local content. People want to make a quick search for businesses near them that they can get the service or product that they need.

If you are to get such people to click on your business, it is important to optimize your site for mobile. You also need to remember the local intent that comes with mobile searches. Localize your content including the use of local keywords and languages.

5. Optimize for speed

Website load speed plays a big role in determining your ranking on the search engines. It is one criterion that Google uses in its ranking. If your website takes long to load, you can be sure that Google will realize it and rank your website lower. In addition, slow speed frustrates your visitors, and they are more likely to bounce. These negative interactions are another thing Google notices. You can bet that it also harms your ranking. Ensure that you have optimized your site for speed. One way to do this is by compressing large images to prevent them from slowing down your pages.


There are other things that you can do for SEO such as including backlinks, fixing broken links, and having a clean website design among others. These plus the above gives a starting point. However, the secret to increased visibility lies in finding strategies that work for you and continually refining them so they can constantly give you the visibility that you so deserve.