How to Start a Business with Expansion in Mind

By Guest Author | January 9, 2020

Starting a business is a big step. It takes substantial planning, research, resources, and cold, hard cash. It’s a hassle, and the last thing you want is to limit your business so that you have to reinvent it down the line and go through that same process all over again. By planning and starting your business with expansion in mind, you can grow organically without hitting a wall.

You don’t need to pay the big bucks at the start to use systems and tools meant for larger companies. Scalability is one of the most popular features in today’s software, meaning you can easily build a business that grows with you, without costing you an arm and a leg.

Create a Winning Business Plan

Every new business needs a winning business plan, but far too often the scope is too small. You need to plan for how you intend to expand your business so that you can lay down the groundwork for your future success. Rome wasn’t built in a day, but each day it was built, there was progress. Take this notion to your own business and create a business plan that ensures a good foundation is laid down, and not just a smart launch campaign.

Use in Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is one of the best options out there for small businesses and new companies. You can pay only for what you use, and if you need to use more or less space in the Cloud, you can easily make that change. This way you have the ability to expand, have all your files digitally located and secured and can keep costs to a minimum.

Choose Industry-Specific Software that Allows for Easy Expansion

The software you want to use will be industry-specific. If you are an inspector or operate an inspection business, then you will need a program like the one available at, which is ideal for individuals and big companies alike. Finding the equivalent software in your industry that suits your needs and is scalable is one of the most important steps you will take for your business. Don’t gloss over this step or think you are done when you choose the top result in Google.

The effort you take to properly research and compare programs will pay off, so put in the work now. The software in question should:
1. Be scalable
2. Allow for admin automation
3. Be able to communicate with other systems seamlessly
4. Be secure
5. Be updated

By choosing well, the only reason you should ever have to switch software is if something truly sensational comes out, or if the program you use is no longer supported by the company.

Keep a Healthy Savings

You will have high periods. You will have low periods. Systems will fail and things will need to be fixed. The only way to deal with any periods of your business’s life is to have healthy savings. Don’t splurge when things are going well, save meticulously to handle the slow periods. If your business manages without a problem during the slow periods, then simply use that money when you need to expand or invest in new technology.

Start Predicting Cashflow ASAP

Predicting cash flow cannot be done right off the bat successfully. You can use what you know about your industry and even pull industry reports, but you should use these reports as a guideline rather than a guarantee. Instead, it is key that you keep very detailed accounts of your income and costs throughout the years. By using automated programs you can then generate reports that help you understand your own business, and when you are likeliest to need to dip into your savings.

Using your own numbers can help you understand a variety of different things about your business. You can learn how your costs add up, whether you have priced your products or services correctly, or even which products are most popular and which are a waste of money to offer.


Starting a business with expansion in mind might seem presumptuous at first, but it is the only way to truly succeed. Opting for the absolute cheapest solutions is not an option. It will be very costly and difficult to switch systems over later as you need to grow. By opting for scalable solutions and by preparing to grow and expand as necessary, you can seamlessly take advantage of your success and solidify your legacy.