How To Revamp Your Remote Work Practices In 2022

By Guest Author | remote work | January 24, 2022

The remote work model emerged as a savior for businesses when the pandemic first hit the world. No one thought it would become a norm, but the truth is that it is here to stay. If you want your business to survive and thrive in the new normal, embracing it is not a choice. Even if you don’t go fully remote, you will have to pick the hybrid model for years to come. It makes sense to revamp your remote work practices now because the situation is different from what it was a couple of years ago. Here are some steps you can follow for reworking them.

Accept that WFH is not the same as office work

The recent surge of the Omicron variant has made it clear that work from home will be around for the foreseeable future. The best advice for employers and employees is to accept that WFH is not the same as office work. You cannot expect a distraction-free environment, so be prepared for interruptions and glitches. Moreover, trust is the key as you have to believe that your team is delivering their best productivity and efficiency. Going hybrid is a good option if you operate in a domain that requires you to call people at the office. Ensure safety when you call them over, and keep office visits to the minimum.

Ensure right equipment and setup 

If you think that your employees have the right equipment and setup for WFH, understand that there is always room for improvement. Consider upgrading their laptops and providing an allowance for home office setups. If you want to go the extra mile with security, Setup a virtual desktop network for your business this year. It enables you to minimize disruptions and maximize access and output for a team that achieves more together, regardless of their locations. Additionally, you can separate the end-users from sensitive data with virtual desktops. Implementing access control policies and securing critical data becomes much easier with this remote work best practice. 

Double up on communication

Another recommendation to enhance your remote work operations is to double up on communication. Trust, transparency and accountability are the cornerstones of the success of the remote model in the long run. Good communication with your team covers you on all fronts. Implement a practice for daily meetings at the start and end of the day, but ensure that they are not a waste of time. Every meeting should have an agenda and timelines to prevent productivity issues. Managers should be available and approachable so that employees can connect with them when they need to. Weekly team-building sessions can go a long way in strengthening relationships and loyalty.

Revamping your remote work operations is a necessity this year as things have changed during the last two years. Embracing these best practices can help you build a strong team that contributes to business growth. At the same time, it makes them happy and loyal, empowering your business with the advantage of employee retention.