How To Make Sure Your Startup Hits The Ground Running

By Guest Author | October 3, 2019

You hear manystories of startups crashing and failing before they have even had a chance tosucceed and this will cause alarm for any entrepreneur when launching a newbusiness venture. Although there isn’t a formula for success, you must makesure that you are well-prepared and have taken the necessary steps which shouldleave a smooth launch and help you to find some initial success. There are afew vital areas that you can focus on which will help with this and hopefullylay a solid foundation for your business venture. Here are a few tips forhitting the ground running.

ThoroughMarket Research

The first piece ofadvice is to conduct thorough market research so that you have a deepunderstanding of your chosen market. You need to know whether or not there isdemand for your product/service, what factors are currently influencing themarket, what the predicted growth is and who your competitors are and whattheir strengths and weaknesses are. You also need to have a clear idea of whoyour target customer is along with any gaps that are in the market that you could fill.

SetUp To A High Standard

While you shouldcertainly try to keep the operation basic and find ways to reduce your businesscosts initially, you must also make sure that you have the operation up andrunning to a high standard. It is very hard to change people’s perception of abrand, so if you are not producing a high-quality product/service from theget-go, then you will find it difficult to succeed. This means that you need tofigure out how you want the operation to work and then secureenough funding to allow you to do this.


It is absolutelyvital that you have your finances in order when you first launch. This is sothat you can get a clear view of your financial health, make intelligentbusiness decisions, and file your taxes correctly at the end of the year. Thisis an area that many businesses struggle with, but by outsourcing to aQuickBooks accountant, it can provide peace of mind while also ensuringthat your accounts are handled properly and everything is above board.


One of the biggestproblems that startups face is raising awareness about their brand, which meansthat they struggle to attract customers initially. It is for this reason whyyou need to raise awareness about the company prior to launching and togenerate excitement with PR and digital marketing. You also need to lurecustomers away from their regular brand to give your new startup a chance –this can be achieved with new customer deals and by creating excitement online.

If you focus onthese areas before launching your business, then it will put you in a goodposition to hit the ground running and find early success. You do not want tolaunch and then suddenly find that you are struggling with all kinds of costsgoing out and no income, so you need to make sure that you are ready and have asolid foundation.