How to Increase Genuine Engagement with Your Business

By Guest Author | engagement | June 16, 2021

Operating online is the only way forward. It isn’t the future; it’s the now. Your customers are online, and they expect you to be as well, but, unfortunately, for every real person operating online and genuinely engaging with your brand, there will be ten more who are nothing more than spam. Weeding through these spam attacks and just plain annoyances costs businesses money, especially if they make key business decisions about their future based on the actions on what amounts to bots on the internet.

You need to increase genuine engagement, and to do that, you need a multi-pronged approach.

Consider Biometric Authentication

Not every brand will need to go so far as to authenticate users by requiring biometrics, but if you operate with very sensitive information, it is an excellent way to increase customer loyalty and their trust in your organization. It is ideal for lawyers, accountants, government agencies, NGOs, and the like.

There are, of course, many pros and cons to using a biometric security system. While it is extremely user-friendly, spoof proof, and provides your business with high security and assurance, it also comes with a high cost and makes your organization a greater target for data breaches. You need to weigh the advantages and disadvantages before you invest for the sake of your business and your customers, but with help from online guides, this task will be much easier.

Encourage Engagement

Fraudulent accounts don’t tend to engage, making them easy to spot and easier to weed out. Enforcing engagement is an easy way to encourage this. For small brands, it can be as simple as requiring the user to authenticate their account by clicking a link to an email that you send. For bigger businesses like banks, however, that biometric authentication and other identity-affirming authentication methods are going to be essential.

Don’t allow customers to make an account without at least affirming that they are, indeed, human. Depending on your level of security that you need to provide your customers from then on, you may need to add additional measures as necessary.

Keep in Touch and Add Value

Every business must keep in touch with their customers – but only at their own pace. This applies to small businesses all the way to banks or even government agencies. Keeping customers in the loop of what is going on and adding value-based services is a must. Banks are offering budgeting tools to help customers understand where their payments are going. Small businesses are crafting great newsletters and online guides to help keep customers coming back.

The value services that you offer are a great way to encourage engagement. Combined with the two earlier efforts to reduce bots and to authenticate customers, and you have a healthy environment to grow your customer base and to instill loyalty.

The services you offer will, of course, need to evolve, so keep your customers in the loop and even give them a say on what services they will look forward to most in the future.

Improving security and adding value are two excellent ways to assure loyalty from your customers. They want to be wowed by the people they choose to work with, and they also want to be safe. The great news is that these efforts are also excellent for your own bottom line.