How to Grow Your Home-based Business

By Guest Author | home office | May 21, 2021

Some of the most successful entrepreneurs in the world started their businesses from the comfort of their homes. For instance, Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak developed Apple from Jobs’ garage in 1976, and Roy and Walt Disney started their studio from their uncle’s Californian home. While your business might seem small fry at the moment, there is no reason why you can’t turn your start-up into a lucrative enterprise.

Set Realistic Long-Term Goals

If your home business generates a healthy profit for its size, you might be thinking about how you can grow your budding empire. To ensure your start-up’s success, you might need to think about where you would like your brand to be in two, three, four, and five years’ time.

Setting realistic long-term goals could help you develop a vision for the company and identify the steps you need to take to hit them on schedule. For example, if you want to double your customer base and sales within a year, you may need to outsource tasks or hire your first employees to meet demand.

Find the Perfect Office Space

While your home might have served you well when kickstarting your company, constant noise or interruptions can be distracting. Therefore, you might need to move your business to new premises.

Before you rush into securing an office lease, you should consider hot-desking. It will provide you with an affordable, professional space to focus your attention on growing your small business, and you will have an opportunity to mix with like-minded professionals. Plus, if you secure a hot-desking membership at, you will have access to fast, reliable Wi-Fi, business seminars, and meeting rooms. There are different plans to match your needs, too, from day passes to unlimited access.

Embrace New Marketing Tactics

If you are eager to generate a much bigger revenue, you might need to improve your brand’s marketing efforts. While social media might have helped drive traffic to your website, it might not be enough to grow your annual revenue.

If you want to increase your sales year on year, you might need to embrace new marketing tactics to attract more customers. For example, you might need to incorporate search engine optimization (SEO) techniques into your website, embrace influencer marketing, or launch stores on different platforms, such as Amazon or Etsy.

Look for New Opportunities

If your revenue has plateaued, look for new opportunities in your industry. For example, you could find a new target market, partner with a non-competitor to increase sales and brand awareness, or introduce a new service, such as home deliveries.


If you are ready to scale your home-based business in 2021, you must set clear goals for your company, embrace new marketing tactics, and look for opportunities across the industry to increase your profitability. Also, it might be time to move away from the chaos of home life to provide your business with the focus and attention it needs to flourish.