How to Get Verified on Instagram?

By Guest Author | Instagram | February 5, 2022

Are you looking to get that blue tick on your Instagram profile? Well, people on this platform always look to get such verification. So, if you are one of them, there are several great things that can happen with that. With the help of some basic requirements fulfillment, you can get this tick and be a verified user on the platform.

How important is Getting Verified?

The importance of getting a blue tick is high for any Instagram user. When you have this sign and badge on your profile alongside your name, You have a better reputation. Although Instagram does not treat such accounts better, people consider it a great sign. 

The experts believe that you are the official account if you have this badge on your profile. Instagram verifies your profile as a celebrity, public figure, or global brand. This verification allows users to know that they are following the right person or brand. So, this platform allows you to confirm your identity. Once you have this badge, you are able to get more responses as people know you are the real account.

Create Brand Awareness

You have a better chance of getting into the limelight with a verified profile. When people are aware of your account and know that you are the actual brand, you get more engagement.

So, you should have verification to have a better business. It can be helpful for your e-commerce store. At the same time, you can have the features that help get monetization easily. For instance, you can have a swipe-up feature on your stories when you are verified.

The Criteria For Verification

You can get this verification when you stick with community guidelines and terms of service. At the same time, you should have authenticity, the account should be public, and your profile should be complete. Moreover, only one account gets verification per person. The person should be highly searched and someone who is known well.

Some Tips That You Should Follow 

You should follow certain things before you get this badge with the platform. For instance, if you have impostor accounts against your brand, you have more chance of getting this badge. You should get more real followers that would allow you to get more credible for new users. With this method, you can have early verification.

At the same time, you should not allow certain types of links in the bio. You cannot allow a link to your Twitter and YouTube account. But, you can surely have links for your website, Facebook pages, and landing pages. The experts believe that you should be highly searched to have this badge for yourself. So, if you are in the news and wish to cash the hype, you should apply for verification.

Many companies sell Instagram likes. You can buy Instagram likes from them to have responses and grow your following. This help can allow you to grow your account.

The Importance of Earned Media 

When you are looking to get a boost on Instagram, you should show on Google search. So, try to build that! When you go for verification, try to build grounds with a proper presence on the internet. With this method, you can get the best results.

Try Again And Complete The Profile  

If you fail for the first time, you should try going for the second time. This can help you get your goal when you do not get the verification for the first time. Moreover, you should have a complete profile before you go to apply for the badge.

Get Presence And Engagement 

If you have a good following, you can get verified easily. Posting frequently and staying consistent can have this blue tick earlier and easier. So, you should engage with the comments you get and keep posting consistently. The experts also believe that you have a better shot at blue tick if you have a good following on other platforms. When you have a strong presence, you can get this badge earlier. You should also try using the right hashtags for early verification.

As it is about verification, it means a lot for an account to be authentic, so you should share posts that are personalized. When you have such posts, people know better that you are the real person or brand. Moreover, post when users are searching for posts and content. So, you can get more engagement with these methods that help your account get the verification.

The Process 

When it is about getting the process, there is a simple and easy way that you can get it. You just have to go to your profile, tap on the profile picture, and tap three lines on the right top. Then you should tap settings and account. Then you can go on and request verification. The last and one of the most important steps would be to enter your information in the form that appears. When you have got the tick, you cannot change the username of the account. Moreover, you cannot transfer this verification to another account.

Get Services of an Agency 

When you take help from professionals, you can have more limelight and so verification. When you get services from a digital agency, they have the tools and expertise to help you out. 

When you are looking to have a service, you should be legit and not do spam. Moreover, you should be the most appropriate category and should not wrong the policies. 

Profile Should Be Complete 

Before you apply for this badge, you should make sure that your profile is complete. For this purpose, you should have the following:

  • Your username and photo should be there. Without these two, your profile is not complete,  and you should have these two before you apply for verification.
  • Make sure that your bio is there and it talks about you. So, you should have a bio that talks about you and simply conveys your message to the audience. For this purpose, you can try adding emojis as well.
  • Try adding your contact information with your phone number and email. Moreover, using your street address can help people know your exact location.

How To Keep Your Place 

Once you have got what you need, you should know how to keep it that way. So, you should not make your account go private and keep following the rules. At the same time, you should stay ethical and authentic by allowing value for users. You will keep this status that allows you more engagement when you follow these values.

Final Thoughts 

We talked about some of the top things you should take care of to get verification for your profile. We also talked about the top reasons for which you should get verified. So, you should know the help you can get with this blue tick. Moreover, you should follow the process, the policies and get work from an agency. These ways can help you have verification earlier and get better responses. The importance of getting this blue tick is for any brand or personality that is looking to get more business and fame.