How to Establish a Strong Brand Identity

By Guest Author | BRANDING | January 22, 2021

If you want to set your company apart from its many rivals and capture your target audience’s attention, you must develop a solid brand identity. If you don’t, your business could blend in with the crowd of average companies in your sector.

Taking the time to build compelling branding will boost your business’s recognition, credibility, and annual sales. If you are ready to take your business to the next level in 2021, read these top tips on how to establish a strong brand identity.

Create the Right Visual Identity

Every brand must feature elements that are synonymous with a company, which will improve its perception to customers and clients.

For example, you must take the time to pick the perfect:

— Logo
Colour palette
— Imagery styles
— Typography
— Composition styles

It is essential to create visuals that match your target audience, company’s values, and products. Before you start building a visual identity, you must define your company’s demographic and learn about the power of colour psychology.

Define Your Brand Personality

In addition to developing a visual identity, you must define your brand’s personality. To do so, you must think of the type of person who would make a good spokesperson for your brand. Ask yourself how they would look and talk, and then use this image to create an engaging personality that connects with your demographic. You must maintain a consistent tone of voice on all marketing materials, including social media, email, brochures, web content, and advertisements.

Tell a Well-Crafted Story

Once you have refined your brand’s visual identity and personality, you must craft an engaging story to match. The story you tell must not only feature your chosen tone of voice, but it should highlight your company’s history, values, long-term goals, and the mission of its daily operations. A well-crafted story can humanize your brand and make it memorable. If in doubt, seek inspiration from some of the biggest and best storytellers in the business, such as Apple, Old Spice, and Mercedes Benz.

Promote Your Branding – and be Consistent

Every social media post you publish, email you send, and advertisement you run must be consistent with your brand identity. The more familiar your target demographic is with your logo and tone of voice, the more recognizable your brand will become throughout the years.

Consistency is key across all platforms. For example, you must include the same logo, typeface, and colour palette when creating attractive employee email signatures. Plus, a corporate sign-off can increase a potential customer or client’s trust in your email, and they will be more likely to engage with your company.

Also, you could establish a brand identity on:

— A business website
— Staff uniforms
— Physical marketing materials
— Social media
— Videos
— Product packaging
— Digital signage
— Promotional products

The more you promote your branding on and offline, the more your company will stick out in your target audience’s minds. Therefore, it could be the key to a stronger industry reputation and greater annual revenue.