How to Design the Perfect Office

By Guest Author | office | September 11, 2019

Designing the perfect office space can help improve your employees’ productivity and welfare while also increasing the efficiency of your business. However, there are many different considerations that you need to think about when designing the perfect office, and these include budget and practicality. If you are looking to develop the perfect office in order to create a welcoming environment for both employees and guests and to help to get the best from your business, this guide will cover some of the critical actions that you can take to achieve this.

Install The Correct Facilities

Every office should have practicalities that will allow you and your employees to feel comfortable in the workplace and attend to their personal needs. These facilities include a kitchen where your employees can store food and make drinks, boosting their energy throughout the day and toilets. In fact, by US law and OSHA regulations, you must be able to provide your employees with reasonable access to restroom facilities, and you should have one bathroom stall per 15 employees and six per 150 employees, with one more stall placed for every 40 employees after this. To ensure that your employees can stay healthy and comfortable at work, Partition Plus can help you find the right toilet facilities for your company, with many modern and professional-style designs available.

Consider Your Office Layout

To design the perfect office, you should also consider your office layout, as this can impact your employees’ productivity and damage noise levels and productivity. One of the best office layouts you can opt for is an open office plan, as this allows easy communication between employees and can help to boost teamwork and creativity and limit isolation. However, you should be careful when designing an office in this way because while it encourages group work and discussion, it can also lead to disruption and noise levels if you do not take appropriate caution against this. 

Create Flexible Spaces

It is also important that offices create flexible spaces that offer a wide range of different working options so that employees can find the option that best suits them. For instance, you should create separate conference and meeting rooms away from the main open-plan office to give teams a chance to discuss their work in a quiet and peaceful environment. You may also consider having quiet workspaces for employees that are partitioned from the rest of the office. Alternatively, install some Autex acoustic panels, as this allows individual workers to concentrate on solo projects if needed.

Invest in Storage Facilities

However, one of the major problems for offices is the unavailability of storage facilities, leading to disorganized and messy offices that can impact your business’s productivity and customer service. To ensure that your client’s data is secure and make documents easily accessible, you should invest in storage such as filing cabinets, which can help you create a practical filing system. However, if you do not have enough space, you should consider storage software online, such as the use of The Cloud.