How to Convert, Add Watermark, Split, and Rotate Your PDFs with GogoPDF

By Guest Author | June 22, 2021

When searching for technology to assist you in handling your PDF files’ demands, you should consider looking at all there is to offer. Is it efficient? Is it capable of doing what you want with your PDFs? Is it going to provide you with a 100 % pure and high-quality result? And so forth.

With that said, there’s only one software that can meet all of that. And that’s with GogoPDF. They offer more than a dozen features you can entirely use for free. Below are some of their helpful tools.

PDF Convert

Whenever you need to convert PDF files into file types like Excel spreadsheet, PPT, JPG, Word, and more, this tool will do the job efficiently for you. Converting Word to PDF and other file formats to PDF is also possible, which means they can do the job vice versa. The supreme tool you can use for the conversion of files, this PDF Convert function.

Using the PDF convert function also makes the job done in only a few minutes, so if ever you are in a hurry, you can visit their site on the web. Again, it is because the system will complete the process so fast. So, here’s how you can use this function to complete the procedure:

1 – Upload the files you would like to convert into your desired file type. You can click the “Select Files” icon to get you to your file storage.
2 – The system will then do its job by extracting and scanning the file before proceeding to the conversion.
3 – After that, while the transformation is in progress. You have to wait for it to finish.
4 – When everything is complete and done, download your new file or email it to you.

PDF Add Watermark

It is always essential to place or add a watermark on your PDF file. It will save both you and the file from an unauthorized person trying to claim ownership of your documents. A watermark on a file indicates that it belongs to you and that no one else may claim it. Also, the Add Watermark feature is the only way to add a watermark to your PDF file.

The program will add your desired watermark in a couple of minutes. A text or picture watermark is the two alternatives you have for your watermark, regardless of the style or typeface you want. You may also select the location of the watermark in the document. Here’s how to add a watermark to a PDF file using this feature:

1 – Add your PDF file into the site’s box by dragging and dropping it.
2 – Drop the image or type the words you want to use as a mark in an instant. To begin, select the “Add Watermark” button.
3 – Try to be patient while the watermarking procedure is in progress.
4 – Once it’s completed, users may email and download the watermarked PDF file.

Split PDF

If GogoPDF offers a method for merging several PDF files into a single PDF file, they also provide an online split PDF service that allows you to split pages of PDF files that you no longer need or if you want to extract one page from a PDF file. It will enable you to remove or divide file pages and export them as PDF documents. Splitting a file, especially a PDF file, is never easy, but with GogoPDF’s help, it becomes smooth and quick. The following are simple instructions for splitting PDF pages:

1 – Choose the PDF file that has to be separated and drag it to the target destination.
2 – You may choose which chapters from the original PDF file you wish to delete by selecting it.
3 – Click the pages you want to enhance, then start exporting them to another PDF.
4 – You should begin downloading the file when you’ve finished the steps.

Rotate PDF

GogoPDF makes rotating PDF files simple, whether you have one or several files processed simultaneously. Its display functionalities are simple to use, and clients can quickly reorganize and modify their data. If you want to learn how to execute it, try these simple instructions:

1 – Use the “Drag & Drop” approach to rearrange the PDF file you wish to rotate.
2 – After that, a circle indicator will appear, enabling you to rotate your PDFs.
3 – Press the “Apply” icon once you’ve chosen the optimal angle for the data.
4 – After completing the technique, users may begin sharing or obtaining their PDFs. The system will save it to the cloud.


Many individuals would like to utilize GogoPDF for PDFs because it is a convenient and functional online service. You can do nearly everything with your PDFs, including editing, adding e-Sign, compressing, deleting, and more, thanks to its extensive feature set. Try using GogoPDF to process your PDF files quickly and responsibly.