How to build your online survey on Facebook and other platforms?

By Guest Author | Social media suveys | April 19, 2021

Online surveys are structured questionnaires where your followers are answering the questions you made about the specific topic. They could be informative or just for fun. Maybe, you are looking for your brand improvement and you need honest opinions from your customers.


Online surveys are a great way to interact with your followers or subscribers. Also, they are a good marketing strategy – you could promote your brand way more with the surveys.

Many sites provide a lot of templates for making the online survey. Also, if you have no idea about what kind of survey you need – many informative sites got you covered.

How to make an online survey?

Build your own online survey may sound tricky – but it’s easy and fast! Read the article if you want to learn how to make your unique online survey.

1. Decide about what you want to survey about

Do you want a fun personality quiz about your favorite TV show? Or do you want a brand improvement survey? Make a good research and decide!

2. Make the questions

Of course, the most important part of the quiz is the questions! Good questions make a good quiz. Make interesting, yet useful questions, depending on the topic of the survey.

3. Decide on what platform you want to create your survey

Many free sites provide free quiz templates, you just need detailed research. For example, you can make quizzes on Google via Google forms (the easiest and fastest way to make the survey) or with Facebook.

4. Share your quiz

Share your quiz on social media and social network so that more people can participate.

5. Analyze the results and write a review about the quiz

Give all the participants feedback on the quiz. If they get the feedback, they are more likely to participate in your next quiz again.

Facebook quizzes

Facebook is a lot of fun – you could scroll through the post all day long, but also, Facebook provides so many games and quizzes that are so much fun.

The quizzes could be informative or for entertainment. Personality quizzes are probably the most popular type of Facebook quizzes. You can use Facebook Messenger Chatbots also to design quizzes and engage your customers.

Making the quiz on Facebook is easy and you could set it up in a few steps. Just log in to your Facebook account and then find the section “Quizzes for the Pages”. When you find it, just follow the steps, make the questions and you are all done! Easy, isn’t it?

There is a big positive side to making your quiz – Facebook quizzes are good for top-of-funnel marketing!

If your quiz gets viral, you could easily promote your page and get more followers. If you own a brand and make the quiz about your products, the chance of getting more customers is high. The key to business success and more conversions is to have the best funnel-based ad creatives for Facebook and target the right audiences.

Feedback collection

Why do you need feedback collection? If you make the quiz about the quality of your brand or just because you want to hear honest opinions about your service, you will get a lot of feedback from your customers. Collecting them is a good way to improve your service. If the results of your surveys are, for example, that most of your customers are not satisfied with the communication with your employees – you will know what you need to change about your service.

Or, if a considerable amount of your followers are not satisfied with the delivery time, you will know what you should change and how to improve your brand, in this case, the way you deliver your products.

If you invest well and smartly in your brand, all the work will pay off!

How to get the best results with your survey?

We are giving you some tips on how to get the best survey results. If you decided to invest in your survey and marketing, then make it worth it!

1. Be careful with what you are asking in the survey

Ask smartly. If you get some uninterested and not informative answers, your survey is a waste of time and money. If you ask questions that require your followers to answer honestly and useful, you will get enough data on what to change on your brand or what products are most prominent, for example.

An important step is deciding on what type of questions you want to ask. If you want to get honest opinions about the specific topic, then make open-ended questions. With the open-ended questions, your followers could write their answers in their own words. If you want to make a short, informative survey, then use a closed-ended type of question.

2. Keep the response rate high

If you make a survey and get only a few answers, that’s not sufficient information for you as an owner of a brand. Share your survey on every platform and then you will find enough people that are willing to participate in your survey.

3. Survey smart and flexible

If your quiz has a lot of unnecessary questions, then your survey will not get enough of the participants. But if your survey has few useful questions and is not exhausting, then probably more people are going to participate and your answer rate will be higher.

Final thought

We shared with you useful information on how to make a quiz successfully, what platforms you should try and how quizzes and marketing are connected. If you correctly decide what you are going to ask in your poll, then you will get all the information that you need. Don’t make your survey tiring. Make it a pleasure, be friendly, and ask your questions directly. Avoid asking too personal questions or making a long quiz with too many unnecessary questions. If you follow all the advice, success is granted. Interaction with your customers, subscribers, and followers is an important part of business growth. Surveys, Facebook quizzes, and polls are a great way to communicate with them and collect desired information – or just to make a fun quiz to entertain your followers.