How to Boost Your Brand Through Customer Loyalty

By Guest Author | BRANDING | December 7, 2021

Building a brand is no small feat, and neither is convincing customers that you’re the one worth trusting in an ocean of various options. 

In the midst of a labyrinthian digital world, companies that can offer the human touch and put their customers first can shine out from the rest. 

How exactly do you get customers on your side in the first place? You need to connect with them and represent a message that resonates. 

If you need to build your brand, expand the borders of your business and develop your customer base, here are some points worth taking a look at. 

Adopt the Right Tone of Voice

Finding the right tone of voice is vital in your efforts to start building brand cohesion and consistency. 

This will most likely be at least somewhat informed by the line of work you happen to be in, and whatever the current customer expectations of the industry happen to be. 

Finding a tone of voice that your customers can connect to, one that is welcoming, natural and polite, can help you build familiarity over time. 

Taking steps to establish rapport with your customers is a must, particularly if you wish to better understand them and leverage their loyalty to develop your brand. 

Reward Your Customers

You could consider rewarding your customers for their loyalty over time; whether this is in the form of VIP status, early access to products or information, or straight-up discount vouchers, it’s a way of saying thank you. 

It’s also a way of getting your customers to remember that you exist, and that your brand is the one that looks out for their interests. 

Say you managed to get a few customers to sign up for a rewards scheme – if you follow through on your promises (which you should always do), there is every chance that your customers will market your brand for you via word of mouth to their friends.

Branded Merchandise 

Offering free merch is a good way to give your customers a gift for their loyalty, and, at the same time, turn them into brand advocates. 

Be it a tote bag, a tee, a hoody or a jacket, customers that carry your brand around with them are essentially advertising for you. 

Building a brand is about raising awareness, which advocates can certainly do, and in many cases, at very little cost to your marketing budget. 

Offer Consistently Good Service

Happy customers spreading the good word of your brand is all well and good, but if you can’t manage to keep up with delivering consistently great service, how can you be assured that word-of-mouth recommendations will work? 

Consistency is key in business; even if you’re having to deal with particularly difficult customers, committing to professionalism should be among your first priorities. 

Leverage Social Media

If you can manage to get your customers to post their good experiences of your company online, you may be able to drastically extend your brand’s reach, so why not give your loyal customers a little nudge in the right direction and encourage people to share your brand with their friends online?