How to Attract Customers as a New Business

By Guest Author | customers | November 6, 2021

Attracting customers to your business before you have even opened your doors can sometimes seem impossible, especially since you might believe that you will have no way of coming face to face with customers before you declare yourselves fully open. Therefore, here are some of the best ways that you can attract customers to your business weeks or even months before you start selling your goods or services. 

Hire a Copywriter

One of the top steps that you should consider taking is to hire a copywriter. Copywriters can help you to define your brand and your mission and convey this in a gripping way to all of your potential customers, as well as other business people within your sector. Copywriters can help you to add exciting words to your website and even to create a blog that can allow you to share your knowledge of your industry with others. If you want to create a cohesive brand image right from the start, you should consider contacting copywriters like Ed Prichard

Stage a Grand Opening

There is nothing that attracts attention quite like a big grand opening, though. Rather than simply flinging open the doors of your business one morning, you should instead advertise that you are about to put on a big evening event where potential customers can get an early look at the products that you will offer and where you will have free and engaging activities for them to try. This can help to create a buzz about your business that will be reflected in the number of people that pour through your doors when you eventually do open. 

Contact the Press

Although you might consider relying on yourself to attract customers, there are some major advantages of getting the press involved. Not only do they already have a set readership to their name, but they are also interested in local happenings and businesses of interest that could spark their reader’s imaginations. Whether they are paper or digital publications, by inviting the press to see what you do, you will be able to spread positive words about your business around and control your brand’s image in its early days. 


You should also make sure that you network with both the general public and other business owners, especially if you are a B2B business that is looking for customers within a certain industry. By networking, you will be able to spread the word about your business, get tips, and even meet potential clients in person. Not only this, but you may be able to meet other business owners with who you will be able to partner when it comes to growing your business and getting it out into the world. 

Offer a Discount

If there is one step that you can take that attracts customers like no other, though, this is offering a discount to some of your early clients. This can encourage them to make a purchase when your business has only just opened and can ensure that they have an incentive for buying products from you over your competition.