How Small Businesses Can Protect Their Employees in 2021

By Guest Author | HR | April 23, 2021

There’s a lot to think about as the owner of any small business, from branding and marketing to product development and how to bring in the top talents for your industry.


In 2021, all of those responsibilities are magnified because of the recent COVID-19 pandemic, and business owners across the globe need to take more action and think even more carefully about their employees, in particular, and how to keep them safe while also keeping their companies alive. Here are some tips to help.

Be Open and Approachable

It doesn’t matter what kind of business you’re running, from a retail store to essay writing service reviews, one of the best ways to look after your employees is to let them know that they can actually come to you and share their concerns.

A lot of bosses struggle with this, as they can give off an air of being too strict, authoritative, or unapproachable, so employees simply struggle in silence. But if you can display honesty and openness with your employees, they’ll be more likely to come and talk to you.

Implement Flexible Working Policies

Flexible work has always been important when it comes to providing a healthy home-work life balance for business employees, but it’s especially important at an unprecedented time like this, as so many people are being faced with new and unexpected challenges all the time.

Having a flexible approach will allow your employees to adjust their shifts when necessary, for example, if they have to care for their children or look after an elderly relative, and this will help them feel much more comfortable and content with their work in general too.

Keep It Clean

One of the key lessons that have been learned during the COVID-19 pandemic is the importance of cleanliness and personal hygiene, especially in the workplace, as germs can quickly travel from person to person when hands and surfaces aren’t being washed and cleaned regularly.

It’s vital for businesses opening up in 2021 to implement strong cleaning and hygiene policies, providing the necessary cleaning supplies, making sure that cleaning is done on a regular basis, and encouraging employees to wash their hands and personal workstations regularly too.

Consider Remote Working

The world has seen a big shift in recent times out of offices and traditional workspaces towards home or remote working. This was a necessity at the start of the pandemic for many people, but over the months, many workers and employers have seen that it actually offers a lot of benefits.

Working from home lets employees stay as safe as possible, as they won’t even need to step outside, and it also gives them more freedom and flexibility. It’s not always the best option, but it can be a choice to consider in some situations.

Hold Regular Feedback Sessions

Another good way to build bonds with your employees and protect them during these difficult times is to set up a regular group and individual feedback sessions. These sessions will allow you to sit down with employees, hear their concerns, and share your own positive feedback on their performance.

This is a great way to find out how employees are feeling if they have any worries or problems that you might be able to address, and how their mental health is. All of this can be so important to know, and if employees have something they want to share with you, the feedback session gives them a great opportunity to do so.

Set Up Adequate Sickness Policies

No employee should ever be made to feel like they need to go to work or stay at work when they feel sick. This is true regardless of the industry or type of business you’re running, whether it’s a bakery, a do my assignment specialist, a sporting goods store, or a marketing company.

So make sure to set up sickness policies and let employees know what to do if they feel unwell. Remind them that they don’t need to come into the office if they’re feeling sick and that they should let someone know and head home if they start feeling ill at work too.

Rosa Hemming is a blogger and professional content writing expert from the United States. She loves movies and TV shows and enjoys writing about them too, as well as creating content based on a myriad of subjects from business to science. Reach out to her on Twitter.