How a COVID-19 vaccine might benefit the travel industry

By Christian | covid travel | December 5, 2020

Various clinical trials are underway worldwide that hope to find an effective vaccine for COVID-19. Unfortunately, though this is a lengthy process, things appear to have picked up the pace over the last few weeks and months, and some of these trials are now producing some successful outcomes. WHO (World Health Organization) is working closely with various organizations and scientists worldwide to try and bring together all relevant information, data, and trials so that the collective people of the world will soon have a successful vaccine. 

COVID-19 Vaccines 

A few possible vaccines are currently being developed worldwide, with a few already moving into stage 3 clinical trials, based on some encouraging early data released by potential vaccine producers.

But for now, unfortunately, there is no certainty about when these potential vaccines will be widely available. Therefore each of us must use all the available tools known to be useful right now, such as testing, contact tracing, physical distancing, washing our hands regularly for at least 20 minutes, and using face masks while in public places.

The vaccines under development at the moment teach the body’s immune system to recognize and block the virus that causes COVID-19 safely.

The news that gave us hope!

On November 9, 2020, Pfizer and BioNTech, two of the top runners for a Covid-19 vaccine, reported a 90% success rate in their clinical trials on volunteers preventing those volunteers from contracting the virus.

This fantastic news saw an immediate increase in share prices within the travel industry. Tour operators saw a sharp rise in searches and bookings, and the travel industry finally started to feel that vacations in 2021 would mean people may feel better about traveling once more. 

However, it will be some time before the COVID-19 vaccine will be rolling off our shelves. To start with, Cold Jet dry ice Melbourne advises that both these vaccine front runners require extremely cold storage and transportation (-70 degrees Celsius), that regular freezers can’t maintain and therefore are requiring specialty dry ice boxes. Nonetheless but this exciting news has undoubtedly helped a flagging travel industry. 

Travel guidance during the COVID-19 pandemic?

The latest travel guidelines still recommend that social distancing rules are strictly adhered to and show that International travel is still minimal.

So what about travel in 2021? Yes, this could be back on the cards! So long as the vaccine is approved (however, this could take many months), and dependent on the R rate decreasing worldwide. Traveling abroad would depend on what precautions other countries are taking. 

Will travel post-vaccine go back to how things were?

Maybe in time, yes! But for now, you must still be cautious and take extra care when traveling. Governments advise people always to make sure before traveling what restrictions are in place in their travel area. You can do this by checking the travel restrictions pages that relate to that area.

For many of us, the thought of using public forms of transport is still quite scary, and this has meant an increase in people wanting to take care of their travel arrangements themselves.

What is the International drivers’ license?

For many people, the safest way to travel during the COVID-19 crisis is in their motor vehicle.

While passenger travel will pick up slowly in 2021 once restrictive measures cease, there is almost certainly an increase in the number of people using the roads. There are far fewer restrictions to traveling in your motor vehicle, or indeed in one that you have rented for the specific task of taking your family on vacation. I mean, you are far less likely to be sitting near someone that could potentially have COVID-19 in your vehicle. 

An International Drivers License is a booklet that transforms your own domestic driver’s license into many languages, which then naturally makes it easier for you to take your car abroad on vacation.  

The international driver’s license gives you an advantage when traveling overseas because it is widely recognized and accepted by insurance companies. It means you get to drive in new territories without experiencing language difficulties at border crossings and ports.

So, once you have checked all the travel restrictions for the areas that you intend on visiting, you can set off. Knowing that you have the protection and security that your international driver’s license can provide, all you need to do is relax and have fun!