Green Business Ideas for Eco-Minded Entrepreneurs

By Emma Worden | green | July 12, 2021

According to the Nielsen study, 66% of customers are eager to pay more for eco-friendly products. Therefore, if you have ever dreamed of launching a green business, it is time to do that.

In this article, you will find several sustainable business ideas to inspire you.

Offer Sustainable Consulting Services

You do not need to design innovative green products to launch a green business. If you have vast experience in sustainability practices, become a certified eco-consultant and start a consulting agency.

Your company would advise clients on shifting to more energy-efficient regimes or implementing a recycling program.

Businesses that have already been in the industry can expand services to eco-consulting. If your company offers waste management solutions, you could consult clients on operational waste management planning or construction waste planning.

Pursue a Career in Environmental Law

There are various areas of law, including criminal, family, and civil rights law. So, why should any aspiring legal practitioner choose environmental law as their profession?                                                                                                                                            

When I say environmental law, probably the first thing that crosses your mind is Marshall from How I Met Your Mother. If you watched the TV series, you probably remember that he did not care about a high salary. He followed his passion for environmental justice.

Environmental lawyers represent clients in legal issues, such as clean technology, climate change law, etc. They also support environmental rights, international environmental law, climate change, sustainability, renewable resources, and so forth.

Therefore, if you are a law student or an attorney, consider specializing in environmental law and starting your firm. Your main task will be advocating for the development and improvement of environmental law.

Revamp Old Furniture

Only in 2018, 9,680 tons of furniture ended up in landfills. The same research found that the generation of furniture and furnishings was 12.1 million tons in 2018.

Therefore, if you have a knack for interior design and renovation, roll your sleeves up and start a furniture upcycling business.

Apart from contributing to the environment, refurbishing old furniture is the opportunity to attract customers. Many customers would be willing to pay more for unique furniture pieces no one else has.

Create All-Natural Beauty Products

The beauty industry plays a fundamental role in our lives. However, have you ever wondered what the real cost of beauty products is?

The impact of the beauty industry on the environment is immense. For example, did you know that cosmetic packaging takes hundreds of years to break down in a landfill? Toxic chemicals in beauty products often reach oceans, harm the ecosystem, and cause death to many aquatic species.

The influence on human health is also worrying. Toxins that end up in soil cause reproductive, genetic, and developmental diseases.

As individuals, we cannot live fully sustainable lives. However, we can do the best we can to make our everyday lives greener. Choosing green cosmetics can be a great starting point.

Therefore, starting an organic beauty brand may be a lucrative entrepreneurial decision. This market is evolving at an astonishing pace. Research studies found that the market value for natural and organic products was $34.5 billion in 2018. By 2023, this figure is expected to reach $44.5 billion.

Start a Sustainable Fashion Brand

Fast fashion is everywhere. Consumers love it because it is affordable and offers a variety of styles. Unfortunately, most fashion brands neglect the importance of green textiles yet. Here are a few disturbing facts that support me:

— By 2030, there will be 148 million tons of fashion waste.
— Only 15% of recyclable textiles are reused.
— Over 7,000 liters of water are used in the making of a pair of jeans.
— The fashion industry accounts for 8.1% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions.

Fortunately, customers are starting to understand the importance of sustainable fashion. People are turning to eco-friendly fashion brands and second-hand clothes. According to research studies, 60% of millennials say they want to shop more sustainably.

Therefore, if you are obsessed with fashion and sustainability, why not launch a sustainable fashion brand? You can find inspiration by analyzing renowned green brands, such as Patagonia, Pact, Sezane, and Boden.

Design Green Household Alternatives

Have you ever asked yourself how eco-friendly our homes are?

According to research studies, an average American family uses more than 300 gallons of water daily at home.

Not to mention that the everyday items we use, such as paper towels, produce bags, and cotton rounds, cannot be recycled.

Fortunately, we can replace them with eco-friendly alternatives.

If you are thinking about designing green household products, you are on the right path.

For starters, look around your home and take note of the items that could go green. For example, you could design reusable sewn produce bags. Or, you could create eco-friendly house cleaning products.

Consider grouping your reusable household items to build brand awareness. For example, you can sell them as eco-friendly starter packs or even unique gift baskets.

Sustainability is the Future of Entrepreneurship

Consumers are becoming aware of the value of sustainability. They are more likely to purchase from eco-friendly, organic, and ethical brands.

For any eco-minded entrepreneur, starting a green business now may be a wise career move. That is the opportunity to gain a competitive advantage and enhance your brand image.

While that is not an ultimate list of green business ideas, I hope it will inspire you.

Which eco-friendly business ideas did you like the most?