Go With Reliability: Top-Tier GogoPDF Tools

By Guest Author | PDF tools | June 21, 2021

GogoPDF is a completely free PDF editor that can handle any task you throw at it. It can take all of the functions you’ll ever need to do with PDF files, even whether they come from various sources and formats, such as MS Word files, Adobe Photoshop images, or scanned pages of a hardcopy document.

Its interface is also very user-friendly! Everything has been condensed into just one click on its highly straightforward user dashboard, so you don’t have to utilize any burdensome commands any longer. It’s also accessible through a browser from anywhere in the world, making it ideal for anyone who understands how vital accessibility is these days!

Converting Word to PDF

If you are in this article to start using PDF documents for your brochure, resume, or even contracts, you have the perfect timing in the world. Why is that? Because GogoPDF has the best conversion tools to convert different file formats into PDFs or vice versa. There are only four steps to follow so that users won’t get confused with the process.

The Word to PDF conversion tool can easily convert your Word files into readable and more secure PDFs. If you wish to know the process step by step, here’s how you can do it:

1 – Get those important documents from your gadgets and upload them into the conversion bar.
2 – This online software will start processing any files you upload.
3 – Wait until this function is done converting your Word files.
4 – Download the newly converted file now to your PC.

Compressing PDF Files

It may appear that compressing PDF files is a difficult task, but it isn’t. Compressing PDFs will save people more time in the long run if you use the appropriate tools and put in a bit of effort. For example, if an email contains too many attachments or is more than 10MB, sending the file to just one recipient can take up to 20 minutes. Consider how much longer this would take if you were sending out hundreds of messages! You can shrink/compress all of these large-sized documents into smaller ones that will take up less space by utilizing a tool called GoGoPDF.

The online PDF compress tool from GogoPDF is a great way to reduce the size of your document while maintaining its quality. Even if you compress it to a smaller size than 1MB, GogoPDF will keep all of the original file’s colors, text formatting, and layouts! It couldn’t be any easier with this software, so don’t hesitate to use it for all of your papers right away. Here’s how you can reduce the size of PDF files:

1- Select and upload the files you want to compress to the site.
2- Select the appropriate option for your files.
3 – Click the appropriate function once you’ve made your selection, and GoGoPDF will begin the process right away.
4 – When it’s finished, you can either save the files to your computer or copy the link to your final product and distribute it via email or Dropbox.

Merging PDF Files

It’s always been a pain to work with PDF files. They take time to access and explore, which is why the Merge tool is so essential if you want a centralized view of every document. It’ll save you a lot of time and effort because viewing every file at the same time is time-consuming!

Hundreds of millions of people are attempting to make the perfect PDF document. GoGoPDF knows this, which is why they provide the necessary tools for you, such as their merge tool, which has settings for how you should combine many pages and how every page should show on your document. But, before you start, make sure you read all of the directions thoroughly because if you don’t, you can end up with errors and low-quality PDFs!

1 – Locate and select the merge PDF tool.
2 – Upload all of the PDF files you want to combine.
3 – Choose from the available choices.
4 – After you’ve finished preparing the document, click Merge PDF.
5 – When the merging process is finished, you can return to your computer and download the files.


With the help of GogoPDF, PDF has never been more accessible. Apart from what has already been described, the software has a lot to offer its users. It includes tools for altering PDFs and converting them to other file formats, as well as annotation features that make it simple to jointly mark up documents in real-time or export your changes back out.

You won’t have to bother about installing any of those fantastic features because they’ll be saved on their “cloud” system until you need them – sign up online and get an internet-connected device (computer, phone)!