Getting Work Done While Traveling

By Guest Author | remote | May 14, 2020

Whether you are traveling for work or trying to work while you enjoy some traveling, getting down to business can be a tricky task that requires some careful pre-planning and discipline. However, there are some handy little tricks to keep up your sleeve to make this a much more achievable job.

Book Wisely

Managing your bookings can make all the difference to whether you get any work done while you are getting to and from your destination.

Make sure you book flights that are scheduled for sociable hours and avoid the red-eye flights. Book SEA parking at the airport and enjoy inclusive transport to and from the airport to save you time on the day that can otherwise be used on your laptop. Try to find flights that fly outside of your peak work time; if you are most productive in the morning, then try to schedule your travel so that you can be at your computer for that time.

For any overlays, or time spent waiting at airports and stations, book yourself into the lounge with access to Wi-Fi. Where possible, travel by train as this will allow you uninterrupted access to Wi-Fi and less time spent boarding and going through security checks.

Look After Your Health

Staying healthy is even more critical when you are traveling, as travel can leave you with a weakened immune system. Maintaining a healthy routine is more important than ever, and you should factor this into your schedule.

Continue to exercise, even if it is just 20 minutes of yoga in the morning to help you refocus and stretch out your muscles. Maintain a healthy diet making sure you avoid fast foods, which can leave you feeling bloated and put extra stress on your system. Make sure you travel with healthy snack options to help you resist the urge to consume junk food and try to avoid excessive alcohol, caffeine, and tobacco.

Airplanes have less humidity present than the Sahara Desert, so make sure you drink masses of water to ensure you stay hydrated.

Get Plenty of Sleep

Without adequate sleep, you cannot expect to perform at your best with work, so it is essential to ensure that you get the correct amount of rest while you are away. Jetlag can leave you feeling fatigued and result in difficulties concentrating, so it is important to overcome that as quickly as possible. It can be useful to start moving your bedtime and waking time slowly forward or back before you leave to simulate your new schedule.

As soon as you board a plane, change your watch to the time at your new destination, so you have the flight to get used to the time difference.

Keep Some Time Aside

Spontaneous opportunities may arise while you are in a specific destination, and if not, that time will be invaluable towards recharging your batteries. Take a moment to absorb some of the local culture or even just take a walk downtown to take in some of the sights. This may prompt some inspiration.

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