Fleet Management Tips and Tricks for Companies

By Guest Author | fleet management | February 8, 2022

In today’s world, your supply chain is key to success. This is especially true now that online shopping has exploded in popularity. 

Naturally, fleet management plays a big role in this (just ask Amazon or any other major online retailer). 

Whether your employees drive cars, vans, trucks, or a mixture of all 3, your fleet management needs to be perfect. This way, you’ll be more efficient, and your customers will remain happy. 

With that said, let’s take a look at some useful fleet management tips and tricks that will transform your company for the better. 

Provide your drivers with training 

Although your team of drivers probably has lots of experience out on the road, this doesn’t mean that they’re perfect drivers. When you’re transporting goods and supplies, fleet drivers must up their games and drive more safely – it’s the nature of the job. 

Therefore, it’s highly recommended that you train your drivers so that they know how to handle dangerous situations, such as other reckless drivers on the road or natural disasters. You can get advanced training from https://www.drivingdynamics.com/

Also, prior to hiring new drivers, you should ask them if they’ve ever had safety training before. This will give you a greater idea of their experience and ability levels. 

Check driving licenses

In the current age, you might be experiencing high staff turnover, especially when it comes to your fleet.  

Naturally, this means you will be hiring lots of new employees. Although it can be tempting to drop your security standards to get drivers signed up more quickly, you should ensure that you always conduct thorough security checks. 

At the top of the security checklist should be all the basics, including checking for valid driving licenses (even when staff will be driving their own vehicles). This will prevent you or your drivers from any potential legal damages further down the line. 

Provide drivers with insurance

As a company, you have a duty of care for your employees. Even if you’re a small start-up, it’s your responsibility to ensure drivers in case any accidents happen to them on the road. Make sure that you use high-quality insurance that covers a wide range of claims. 

Equip drivers with company handbooks

Next, your drivers should be given company handbooks prior to their start days. 

Inside each handbook should be company policies and instructions on how to behave when driving and interacting with customers. 

You could even provide new hires with mini-quizzes that test their knowledge after reading the handbooks for extra security. 

Conduct vehicle safety checks

At a minimum, vehicles should be given safety checks every couple of weeks (even if drivers use their own personal vehicles). Safety checks will uncover any underlying problems that will then be addressed immediately. For example, you might discover that one of your vans has a major problem with the brakes. 

Under no circumstances should you bypass safety checks

Allowing your vehicles to spend long periods of time out on the road without safety checks is dangerous for your drivers and your brand reputation.