Effective tips on how to make your job easier

By Guest Author | JOB TIPS | April 20, 2021

It would help if you weren’t afraid to wake up and work in the morning. Work should be something you like – where you spend most of your time, right? However, it can be rough some days, but they don’t have to be.


Below are a few tips that will make your day faster and more productive. Cut off any unnecessary tasks first. You can find a way to work less by limiting what you do during the day to your most important tasks. Changing things will also improve your day, like eating lunch outside, listening to your favorite album, or adding plants to your working environment. The Creation of checklists, batching tasks, breaks — there are several ways to get you moving.

Use software for compression.

There is various compression software & mobile app for compressing or decompressing files. The objective is often to reduce the file size to less than 40 percent of the hard drive space. Compression software facilitates the email sharing of files. You can use it to reduce the image size from 100X to 10X so that uploading on content sharing platforms takes less time. Since you want the convenience of viewing files from anywhere on the phone, this software also enhances mobility.

Remove follow-up emails.

It is difficult for you to respond to them all by filling in your inbox with follow-up emails. It is also eating in your time when you try to find the right words to respond to them professionally. Suppose you have a ton of emails; you must adopt a self-responding system that allows people who have written to you to know that they have received their message and respond to it in good time.

Multi-tasking STOP.

Multi-tasking has led you to think that you have done a lot of work, but it slows down in reality. For example, it causes you to lose the focus you need to complete the critical task. For example, speaking on your phone while writing a report or checking your email causes your brain over-stimulation and a memorial impairment. It also increases your stress levels that can lead to burnout, absence of work, and – in severe cases – disability.

Keep a manuscript to-do list.

Sometimes you can do a lot because you can’t stop thinking about the 101 things on your list. Thinking about these incomplete tasks can be stressful and stressful for you. In severe cases, you may not sleep because of this. The Zeigarnik Effect is known for this problem and can be alleviated. One way to solve this problem is by writing your to-do list each day to unravel your brain. Just putting your thoughts down will reduce your anxiety to avoid stress. It makes you happier when you settle your nerves and complete the tasks at hand without any pressure.

Track your energy.

Everyone has certain times of the day when they’re producing more or less. When you plan big projects during your energy downtimes, you make your work much harder. Try to map your perfect day based on your energy levels instead.

Don’t Fight If You Feel Useful.

One of the most challenging things to do at work is to force yourself to work hard if you don’t feel at the top of your game. So if you have no pending time, put that particular task away and do something more suitable for your mental ability.

Whenever you can use templates.

Why reinvent the wheel whenever something needs to be done? Do you have an email that you often have to write? Use the template. Use the template. Do you need a presentation? Please use a template. Do you redesign your summary? Use the template. Use the template. You get the photo.

Auto-Text Setup.

If you often respond to messages on your mobile phone, make auto-text easier for yourself. For example, “pitch” may expand to fill the lift pitch—that means that you don’t have to type it all out on the small keyboard each time. Read more about how to set it up here.

Remove Follow-up Emails.

Nothing makes it harder to reply to emails than your inbox always filling up emails from people you haven’t been able to react to. Set up an auto-responder to let people know that you have received the message and answer on time—hopefully, it will discourage the eager beaver from regularly sending you back. You could even include answers to common questions, to help the messengers help themselves (and prevent you from having to answer at all).

Let Yourself go to Cliff-hanger.

Sometimes something starts the most challenging part of the work. Make it easier to jump into a job by leaving a cliff-hanger for yourself. If you drag your feet into a project, start, do some (even if it’s not your best work), and leave it unfinished and go back to the next day. It will be much easier to get there once you have to jump in.

Question Meetings Constantly.

If you haven’t heard, meetings can easily be a waste of time. Every time you plan a meeting — including a repetitive one — you really should ask if it needs to happen, if you spend too much time or if you need to be there. If you feel that any of these questions are “no” to answer, consider adjusting (or talking to your boss to make sure that you use your time as effectively as you can).