Custom Software For Marketing Growth: Is It Worthwhile?

By Guest Author | marketing | June 28, 2021

Marketing is the fuel that keeps companies going and growing in the competitive landscape. But getting results depends on the effort you invest in your strategies. Marketers need to think beyond a good-looking website, pretty posters, and social media posts to achieve their targets. A lot goes on behind the scenes for optimizing your campaigns for success.


You need to understand the audience, build personas, target them with personalized messages and content, and get their feedback. Having all these fronts covered requires a great deal of effort, along with intelligent software tools. You can go the extra mile by investing in custom software that drives marketing growth. Let us explain why it is a worthy investment vis-à-vis using standard applications.

Multiple features

High-end marketing campaigns require solutions for data analysis, content and SEO optimization, marketing automation, customer feedback, and more. You may try the stock marketing solutions for these tasks, but custom software gives extra features and functionalities. For example, you can have a tailored CRM solution that integrates with email campaigns for personalizing communication with customers. Similarly, a custom chatbot can take buyer interactions to the next level. These features translate into higher levels of customer experience and engagement, and both are crucial to a company’s growth.

Better productivity

The benefits of custom software extend beyond enhancing your marketing initiatives. It also helps you boost the productivity of your employees with tools for better time management, unified communication, task makers, and monitoring. You need to list the challenges and needs and convey them to the Software Development Company you choose for the job. These experts will recommend the features to address these challenges and needs. You get a solution that is a perfect fit, making it a worthwhile investment for any business. Even if you spend today, the productivity benefits offset the costs of the solution sooner rather than later.


Automation is another reason that makes custom software an excellent marketing investment for any business. It lets you automate several customer-facing and back-office tasks. With automation, the workload on the team is reduced, and they can focus on business-critical tasks. Marketing teams can achieve more with less as repetitive tasks get automated. Additionally, the investment limits the dependence on the human workforce and cuts down costs in the long run.

Targeted campaigns

Fine-tuning your marketing campaigns is the key to success and cost savings. If you build campaigns around instincts and guesswork, there are good chances of things not working out. But custom software with data analytics capabilities can help you make them more targeted. You have real numbers and data that can be translated into actionable insights. These help with a better understanding of consumer behavior, risk, and profitability. It helps marketers to make better decisions for targeted campaigns that drive higher ROI.

The benefits of going custom with your marketing software are immense. Even as you spend on these solutions, they work for customers and your team. You end up with happier customers and more productive employees, and both generate growth for the business. 

David Busker is the Lead Technical Writer at Outreach Monks. His expertise with all things technology has bagged him several accolades from popular tech-magazines globally.