CoFounder Podcast No 5: CoModule, connecting bikes

By Tarmo Virki | batteries EV | April 3, 2018

Kristjan Maruste, co-founder of CoModule, spoke with Indrek Põldvee about building an Estonian-founded startup in Berlin.

This startup is building a cloud platform for light electric vehicles – like bikes and scooters – enabling the end customer to connect with their vehicle through a smartphone app and the manufacturer to connect with their customers.

CoModule promises to kill all the main anxieties people have with adopting electric vehicles: range anxiety, by visually displaying the available range and navigating the users to their destinations; security worries, by allowing tracking of the vehicle when it is stolen; and worries over battery lifetime information, by monitoring the cycles and performance of the battery.

At the same time, the CoModule platform has a strong offering for manufacturers. Monitoring will help manufacturers minimise battery warranty issues, by supplying super-accurate information about battery performance. It will allow manufacturers to directly connect with their customers to increase loyalty and generate after-sales, and it will enable agile product development.

“At a fleet management level, CoModule combines diagnostic and geolocation information to improve industrial processes, like spare part handling and vehicle redistribution, while analysing components’ performance,” it says.

The young team has been working on battery technologies for years, and the main investor in CoModule is a big German VC firm, providing confidence for the future of the startup.