Business Reopening- How To Pest-Proof Your Small Business

By Guest Author | office | June 14, 2021

As businesses across Australia and elsewhere look forward to working, as usual, there are several things to consider. If you are a small business owner, the safety of your employees and customers will be the first thing in your mind. It should be because the virus is still here, and it may hit back if you aren’t vigilant enough. While sanitization and disinfection will be on top of your reopening checklist, you may end up ignoring pest control.

But remember that it is more vital than ever because closed buildings and fewer people make commercial establishments ideal places for pests. You cannot expect to welcome your employees and customers back with insects and rodents around. It is crucial to pest-proof your small business by having a plan before you reopen. Here are some measures that can help.

Look for warning signs

Business closures for months meant neglect for offices, hotels, restaurants, and retail establishments. You may have invested in regular cleaning, but pests manage to hide and thrive in dark and undisturbed areas. Before you reopen, look for signs of an infestation on the premises. There are good chances of having one. Check for droppings, strange sounds and smells, cobwebs, and marks on the flooring and furniture. You may even see a stray rodent crawling or scampering around. Don’t leave things to chance, and get a professional inspection before opening up.

Invest in professional pest control

Deep cleaning and sanitization services are the best investment for any small business right now. But you must also invest in professional pest control before having employees and customers back on the premises. If you operate in Sydney, look for a Commercial pest control company in Sydney NSW that offers end-to-end services. Even if you have to spend a bit on their services, do not hesitate. After all, having insects and rodents crawling around wouldn’t give a great first impression to people coming after a year. It can risk your reputation as a business and an employer.

Inspect danger zones regularly

Pest control isn’t a one-time thing for a business; rather it is an ongoing task. No one wants to see creepy crawlies at their workplace, and customers may never even come back if they spot them. Although it should be a top priority when you reopen, stay regular with your scheduled services later too.

Inspect danger zones like washrooms, pantries, parking areas, and storerooms regularly and take action at the first sign of infestation. Keep an eye on the furniture and devices because bugs can easily make homes inside them. If there are cracks and crevasses anywhere, seal them at the earliest because they can serve as entry points for unwanted intruders.

There is a lot that a small business owner has to look after as a part of the comeback plan in the new normal. But you should not ignore pest control because it is as crucial as any other aspect of reopening. Collaborating with a reliable service provider is a good idea because they will take care of pest control while you can focus on other things.