Branding your Business for under $100

By Guest Author | BRANDING | April 29, 2021

Branding your business can cost a lot of money if you decide to take the professional route. For someone with a small business, getting good quality branding can seem impossible if you do not have the capital. However, did you know that you can brand your business for less than $100? Let us look at some tools that you can use to achieve this.


Logocreator: For entrepreneurs who do not have photoshop skills or know-how to design but can still navigate a software interface, you can use free image-making resources. Logo Creator is an excellent example of this. You can choose from templates and modify them to your liking or create your own from scratch using your computer. Registering with a free account allows you to create full-down and full-up high-quality images.

Social Pilot: It takes an amount of time and resources to implement multiple social media marketing strategies on a large scale. This is why you need to be up to date on the social media trends to stay competitive in your business. If you are in need of an easier way to schedule and manage your brand’s social media posts, Social Pilot is the tool for you.

UniTel Voice: Entrepreneurs who work from home can run their company while sounding like they are at their desks in the office. First, go to UniTel Voice to sign up for your phone number, choose your package, and finally follow the easy sign-in procedure. Once you have created your greeting and caller ID, you are all set. In a matter of time, you would begin to sound like a Fortune 500 company. Each customer’s call will be answered or directed to the correct department or individual as soon as possible.

Google Analytics: Analytics is the measurement device that allows businesses to find out where they are relative to other companies. With Google Analytics, you can monitor your growth and your market changes to understand how your business is faring at the moment.

Active Campaign: ActiveCampaign is a cloud software that merges email marketing, sales automation, and customer relationship management features into one. It costs as little as $15. This software offers customers CRM with Sales Automation as a special deal for a limited time. So, as opposed to attempting to win new prospects over with an aggressive form of content marketing, you can try to build a relationship with them by using ActiveCampaign in your sales funnel. As long as they get something for free, they will be far more likely to complete the transaction. Once you have their email address, set up a follow-up sequence to keep the customers coming back for future purchases. Now that you have transitioned to the “go,” stage of your funnel, this is the “follow up” stage.

Squarespace: Squarespace is aimed at consumers building their own websites but is also available to the budget-conscious. However, to begin logo creation, you don’t have to sign up for an account. No design is created or pre-made for you; you simply type your business name and begin to customize it. If you want to get free hi-resolution logos and logo templates, you must sign up for a Squares account and subscribe to a plan.


Branding your small company seemed impossible until now. All you need to do, as a small business owner, is to ensure you maximize as many free tools as you can, even outside branding. It is the only way to get some level of quality while saving your capital.