Best Firestick Services for 2021

By Guest Author | Firestick | May 30, 2021

FireStick is a substantial media streaming device, but without excellent apps to compliment, it too is just another streaming device.

Read on to find out the best FireStick services for 2021, what they offer, and why they deserve your attention. And rest easy, this is not just any list that includes prominent and leading apps like Netflix, Spotify, YouTube, and such.

Services for Streaming Movies and TV Shows

1.   Kodi

In brief:

— Ultimate entertainment hub
— Highly customizable
— Free and open-source (regular and genuine updates)
— App NOT present in Amazon’s App Store.

A repeated one indeed! Still, it is necessary to include this because it is impracticable to discuss FireStick while ignoring Kodi. If you do not already know — Kodi is an open-source, absolutely free application having a plethora of content under its sleeves.

Otherwise known as the ultimate entertainment center, Kodi allows you to access all things that the internet has, i.e., the combination of songs, movies, TV Series, live TV, Sports — you got the idea right. Plus, Kodi also has features to record live TV. 

However, there is one downside to the Kodi application — the addons, and probably, this is why users discontinue its use. Since the addons on Kodi act like a search engine — searching for the links on the internet and making the content accessible — they often end up providing bad and low-quality links.

Nonetheless, there is a quick fix for it — AllDebrid — a multi-hoster that looks for the only top-quality links. You can install the tool onto your FireStick (or only on Kodi) to make your streaming experience seamless.

2.  Crunchyroll

In brief:

— Best collection of anime
— Free and Paid
— Dedicated App on Amazon’s app store
— Allows download in offline mode

Like Anime? Crunchyroll is the app for you.

With 15000+ hours of streamable content, Crunchyroll is one of the best anime streaming services for firestick.

Crunchyroll offers both free and paid content, and regardless of whether you purchase the subscription or not, it has something for everyone’s liking. Besides anime, you will also find Asian dramas, movies, and even some of the world’s best Manga (yes, the reading kind).

Unlike Kodi, you can install the application from the Amazon App Store.

3. CyberFlix TV

In brief:

— Free movies and TV shows
— On-demand content accessible
— VPN recommended
— App NOT present on the Amazon App Store

Don’t have the budget for subscribing to Netflix, BBC iPlayer, and other such streaming platforms but still want to access the same content?

Yes, CyberFlix TV lets you do just that. CyberFlix TV is like the official replacement of Terrarium TV — safe, secure, with endless streamable content.

Note: This article, in any way, does not condone the streaming of illegal content. It just intends to inform the users of the capabilities of the mentioned applications.

However, unlike other free applications such as PopCornFlix and PlutoTV, CyberFlix TV doesn’t compensate for the free content with ads. Moreover, you can also download the content to watch them later.

Utility Applications for FireStick

1. Downloader

In brief:

— Free to use
— Allows sideloading of third-party applications
— Dedicated app on Amazon’s app store

Downloader, on firestick, is the one such app that you will need — be it for sideloading or saving your favorite music from the web.  Yes, you can also download without the downloader, but you will not have the option to access things that aren’t available on FireStick.

Moreover, you cannot install third-party applications like Kodi, and Cyberflix TV without installing this utility downloaded first.

2. Mouse toggle

In brief:

— To use android applications easily
— Auto-detects the devices
— Free
— App NOT present on the Amazon app store

Mouse toggle allows you to use android applications using a remote, unlike major applications like Kodi — numerous applications do not allow you to navigate using a mouse. And that’s where Mouse toggle kicks in — it enables you to use those applications easily.

3.  AllCast

In brief:

— Free
— Supports all media
— Dedicated app on the Amazon’s App Store

FireStick already includes a feature to cast to screen, but the reliability it offers is zero to none. If you want to mirror seamlessly, it is best to use third-party applications like AllCast. A suitable alternative to AllCast is the AirScreen application.

Services for streaming Sports and Live TV

1.  Sling TV

In brief:

— Paid
— Live TV experience
— Access to all major channels from the US
— App present on Amazon’s app store

Sling TV offers all that your cable subscription provides. Unlike other Live TV applications for firestick, Sling TV doesn’t broadcast via satellite; instead, it puts the content on the internet first and then makes it accessible from there. It does have a hefty subscription rate, but it is worth that amount in every way. (SLING Orange and SLING Blue are now $35 a month, and SLING Orange + SLING Blue is $50 a month.)

2. Ola TV

In brief:

— Free
— Live TV experience
— Access to all major channels from UK, US, and Canada
— App NOT present on Amazon’s app store

Need everything that Sling TV has to offer for free? Try Ola TV. Unlike Sling TV, Ola TV broadcasts via satellite — meaning you might experience buffering and connection issues while streaming.  Still, with a steady internet connection, Ola TV is worth acknowledging.


Considering speed, content, and quality — these are the best FireStick Services available at present. As evident, most of the applications mentioned come free, but that doesn’t imply that they do not offer reliable service; however, you have to know how to use them properly while utilizing them.

For music, it is best to go with popular apps like YouTube and Spotify.

Moreover, since the games on FireStick is namesake (for better advertisement), it is better to leave that genre alone.