Best Business Ideas with Low Investment for College Students

By Emma Worden | ideas | August 24, 2021

If you are a college student, you will probably agree that finding a job that lets you balance your classes and make a decent income is challenging. This is why college students need to consider starting their business in their student life.


This article will guide you through some of the best business ideas with low investment that you can start in your student life. In addition, as a student, the article will help me write my argumentative paper about the same.

Essay Writing Service

This is one of the best ways to make money as a college student. All you need to know is the best essay writing services and venture into them fully.  Essay writing service offers an opportunity to college students who are skilled and creative writers. The advantage of the essay writing business is that you can start with literally no money, and you can work from the comfort of your home. All you need to do is invest in your free time.  You can start by working as a professional essay writer for a top website to get writing projects. Many trustworthy online essay writing services pay professional writers. After gaining some experience, you could create your website that offers different kinds of writing services. They could be academic papers, essay writing, simple proofreading, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) content, article writing, or even sales and marketing copy.  Once you have a few happy clients, your business will boom.


Tutoring is one of the most cost-effective business ideas for college students because it does not need capital. Instead, a college student needs knowledge and skills from their previous level of education to become a private tutor for junior students. In particular, you need great subject-specific knowledge, excellent communication, and good knowledge of revision and exam techniques, time management, and patience.

Private tutoring is a common way for college students to make money. It is flexible work you can do while studying. Most importantly, tutoring adds value to your CV as it will show how amazing you are in your subject area. With the growing use of social media, you can find students online to offer tutoring services. You may advertise your services via social media or provide referral rewards to individuals who can advertise for you by word of mouth. You can also consider posting fliers in shops, local libraries, and marketplaces to inform your clients. Many parents would love to have college students help their children with essay writing and other academic work. You may offer individual sessions or group classes.

Transportation and Delivery

College students can venture into the transportation and delivery business to make money while studying.  Starting a delivery service that offers shopping for busy students or professionals is a good way of making more cash. Like food delivery services, you can make a fortune working for others, particularly when the college has few or no food delivery services. For example, a group of students may need food delivered to their hostels. This would be a low-cost business for students. You will only need a bike, a  transportation bag, and a GPS if the campus is large. If you own a vehicle, you can become an Uber driver or offer transportation services in the local community. You can also provide rides to other college students who lack reliable transportation.

Personal Training

Venturing in personal training is a good entrepreneurship idea for college students who are enthusiastic about health and fitness matters.  This business can do well on campus because many students love the gym.  It means that most of them will be interested in your service, and they can make your business flourish through referrals. If you become a personal trainer, you can work less and make more money. If you operate your training business and build your clientele, you can charge up to $50 as an entry-level trainer. Based on a large population of students interested in fitness programs, you can make a lot of money in this venture.

Social Media Influencer

If you are an active social media user, you have an excellent opportunity to make extra cash while studying. You can turn your interest into a business opportunity by creating and sharing funny videos, educational content, and valuable information through your social media accounts.  However, you need first to develop a good fan base and reach out to companies to advertise their brand to your audience.

Web Design & Development

This is another college start-up idea, especially for design and computer students.  You may start this business by designing a logo and HTML website. This idea gives you an opportunity to improve your skills. As you gain more skills, you can develop mobile applications or offer complete mobile revamps. Doing so prepares you for the commercial world. You can get various contracts from different companies to design logos, flyers, websites, banners, and mobile apps through exploration and advertisement. The business pays well for students who are good at it.

Laundry Service

Laundry is one thing students cannot bother to do. You can maximize the laziness of your colleagues by offering to wash, dry, and deliver their clothes at a fee. You can also target busy professionals or parents that do not have time to do their laundry.  You need to market your service by going door to door in dorms and neighborhood buildings to start the business. Besides, you may publish an online ad offering cleaning services in your college and neighborhood.  Leaflet dropping is a speedy way to market your business. Start-up costs would be very low since you only need cleaning supplies. After gaining considerable clients, you could look into hiring other students to do the work for you. This business has the opportunity for expansion.

Event Organizer

Many students enjoy parties, trips, and other social events, so why not capitalize on them? Everyone is willing to spend more than $30 on a big party. These parties need adequate planning to succeed. You can utilize this opportunity to plan, organize, and manage sensational college events most efficiently and cost-effectively. You need excellent communication skills to convince everyone that they cannot miss such an event.  Advanced organization abilities will help you ensure everything is in the right place at the right time.

Niche blogging

This is a stress-less business that you can start without any money. The business gives you the freedom to choose your hours. However, it requires a passion for succeeding. You need to do extensive research to find profitable blogging research that interests you and develop good content. Once you have a splendid blog with a good audience, you have numerous options to commercialize your venture.


With escalating tuition fees, an uncertain job market, and increased cost of living, many students struggle to make ends meet while studying.  Starting your own business will help you overcome the financial challenges during college and afterwards. The article gives you some of the best college students’ business ideas you can consider while pursuing your degree.

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