Beauty and Business: 5 Makeup Tips For The Working Woman

By Guest Author | lifestyle | April 7, 2021

A working woman is a powerful woman, that’s just a fact. However, if you happen to be unemployed due to various reasons, there’s nothing wrong with it. But, women who work hard, while still juggling other tasks and chores definitely deserve recognition and all the professional success they’re aiming to achieve. Therefore, if you’re a busy professional, you’re probably too busy already, which is why adopting some personal care and beauty tips can make your life much easier. So for that special reason, here are some simple, yet effective makeup tips that every busy working woman will love.

1. Know your strengths 

Some women are more into makeup, which is why they also tend to be better at it. So, if you’re not someone who enjoys applying and wearing makeup that much, it’s important to learn your strengths and abide by them. Meaning, if contouring isn’t your thing, then maybe it’s better to skip it altogether, especially if you’re busy in general. Instead, try to figure out which makeup tips and tricks are your strength, and make sure to use them as your go-to moves.

2. Invest in a skincare routine

A proper and all-encompassing skincare routine is an amazing way to keep your complexion clear and nourished at all times. Plus, when your skin is in good condition, you’ll be less likely to apply a lot of makeup every day. Therefore, establishing a routine that works for your skin type is important, especially if you’re already dealing with skin issues such as flaking, acne and clogged pores. Remember, it’s better to invest in care and maintenance, so your skin will look good even without makeup. 

3. Consider “no-makeup” makeup look 

If matching colours and tones is too much work for you, then feel free to consider a “no-makeup” makeup look. This is a great option as it will keep your face glowy and blemish-free, without entailing too much work and effort. However, in order to achieve this look, it’s important to use the best makeup products for no makeup look, as then you’d have better chances at getting the best result from your efforts. Also, this type of makeup look and application is a great way to add a dash of simple elegance and sophistication to your daily look. 

4. Keep your lips soft 

The good news is, you don’t even have to wear brightly coloured lipstick if that’s not your preference. Instead of that, you can always choose a tinted lip balm or even a regular lip balm. But, in order to keep your lips soft and plump, be sure to scrub them once in a while using a homemade nourishing lip scrub, and then follow that by applying a lip balm again. Also, if you’re worried that the lipstick will make your lips dry, then feel free to apply a lip balm underneath. That way, your lips will be protected and safe from any external influences. 

5. Mascara is your friend

When everything else fails, mascara is here to make things better. If there’s one item that every woman would bring to a deserted island, then it’s definitely this one. Aside from making your lashes longer and thicker, mascara can also nourish and strengthen them. But, in order to achieve that, it’s important to use a brand that has good ingredients. If your workplace requires strict professionalism, then it’s best to choose a regular black or brown mascara, and leave purple and other colours for your out-of-work activities and events. 


Being a busy and business-oriented woman is a nice way to reclaim your power and make your dreams come true. Wearing makeup may not be required, but it’s often seen as desirable, and these tips will definitely help you build your own makeup routine that will be perfect for you.

Cover photo by Humphrey Muleba on Unsplash