Barcelona gets ready for #4YFN, and #MWC19

By Vattan PS | events | February 14, 2019

With the 2019 edition of 4YFN Barcelona just around the corner, the organisers have named a long list of additional high-level speakers.

  • Mitchell Baker – Chairwoman, Mozilla
  • Omar Khan – CPO, Magic Leap
  • Charlotte Hogg – CEO, VISA Europe
  • Nicola Mendelsohn, CBE – VP for EMEA, Facebook
  • Martin Casado – General Partner, Andreessen Horowitz
  • Wanli Min – Chief Machine Intelligence Scientist, Alibaba Cloud
  • Jens Riegelsberger – UX Director, Google
  • Bracken Darrell – CEO, Logitech
  • Horacio Martos – CEO, SocialPoint
  • Juan Margenat – Co-founder, Marfeel
  • Laura Urquizu – CEO and Partners, Red Points

The 4YFN event promises:

  • More than 700 international exhibitors including QUMAQ, a humanitarian response drone, SoccerDream, a VR football training platform, Security Matters, a blockchain based chain of custody tracker and Somnox, a robot that cuddles you to sleep.
  • More than 300 key speakers from all around the startup world, and up to 1000 investors.
  • Showcases of the latest technologies, such as AI and robotics, blockchain and projects with social purpose.
  • Heated debates about hot topics such as biohacking, the ethics of AI, disruption in air and car travel, the music industry, gaming, robotics and digital health

And one more thing: