By Peter J. Walkers | awards | December 11, 2021

An international award for technology entrepreneurs and venture investors was launched by the team of the annual EMERGE conference, SOLYANKA agency, global community Rutech, UK accelerators MassChallenge and Central Research Lab. The mission is to highlight the strongest players in the venture capital market and provide them exceptional collaboration opportunities, networking and resources. 

The pre-seed and round A startups from New East (Eastern Europe, Central Asia and the Balkans) as well as VC funds, business angels and accelerators investing in the region at these stages will be able to take part. The jury consists of experienced venture market professionals: international investors, entrepreneurs, founders of unicorns, mentors, experts and journalists. Among them are Kirill Golub (Angels band and Lithuanian Business Angel Network), Konstantin Sinyushin (the Untitled Ventures), Denis Efremov (Fort Ross Ventures), Alexey Pospekhov (Missionech. co), Ilya Lesun (VOCHI), Daria Reutovich (Rockstart), Oksana Pogodaeva (HR&ED-tech VC), Alexandra Govorukha (Sigma Software and UTEW Tech Tribe), Alexander Chekan (PALTA), Elena Majuga (Flyer One Ventures), Anna Sholina and Alina Nilsson (SOLYANKA) and others.

Startups with the highest potential for growth and scale-up will receive close attention from global venture capital and strategic investors, opportunities for investment, contracts in their own and other regions, as well as resources for development from international partners. Among them are two-year $5,000 grants from Amazon Web Services, a year of AWS Business Support, $1,000 access to Miro, tickets to EMERGE 2022, investments and bonuses from the Untitled Ventures, and other benefits. Winners will be awarded an NFT statuette.

Startup founders can apply in one of 10 categories: FinTech, HR-tech, MarTech, HealthTech & Wellbeing, Cybersecurity, DeepTech, SmartCity, ImpactTech, MetaTech, The Most Global Startup.

The following categories are open to investors: Promising New Investor, VC with a focus on Diversity, VC with a focus on Impact, The Most Active Accelerator, Exit of the Year. An investor can also be nominated by the person who recommends the investor (e.g. portfolio company). Funds, accelerators and angels will be recognised for their contribution to the venture business and their unique analytical and visionary competencies that enable them to execute successful deals, a significant expansion of their network and capabilities (including access to private events for the EMERGE investor community), and a strong resource in the form of the Global Startup Pipeline. 

For more details and application, please, visit until 17 December inclusive.