A Mini-Guide for Moving to NYC with Loftey

By Guest Author | New York | February 15, 2019

No matter where you are moving from, New York City can seem worlds away from your previous residence. The big skyscrapers, busy streets, and nonstop activity are unlike most other places in America. If you are serious about moving to New York, there are a few things you should have to make city living feel like second nature.

1. A Way to Clean Your Hands

With 8.6 million people crammed into one city, germs cover every square inch of the five boroughs. Whether you are grabbing lunch after taking the subway or you are using the public restroom before realizing the bathroom is out of soap or the restaurant doesn’t have a hand sanitiser 500ml bottle to use, a small bottle of hand sanitizer or a little packet of cleaning wipes will bless you. You never know when you may encounter an unidentified, sticky substance while holding open the door for someone or grabbing hold of the subway pole. Hand sanitizer is one thing New Yorkers never leave home without!

2. Walking Shoes

A good, sturdy pair of walking shoes is an absolute must for city living. When you aren’t taking the metro, you will be walking everywhere. Sometimes it’s actually more convenient to walk. Don’t be tempted to wear your heels while you are running to lunch or commuting between meetings. Not only will it kill your feet, but the dirty concrete sidewalks will probably ruin your shoes. Simply keep a pair of tennis shoes tucked in your bag and you should be able to roam the city streets sans aching feet.

3. A Nice Raincoat

In this fashionable city, you are expected to look good even in a torrential downpour. New York City and rain go hand in hand. One item you will certainly want to have when you live in New York is a well-fitting, fashionable raincoat. Be sure to choose one that keeps you dry. You don’t want to show up soaked at the office! It’s also smart to tuck a small umbrella into your bag to protect your hair and makeup. Just don’t plan on lugging a huge parasol around the city all day. It will get very annoying on the subway!

4. Loftey

Choosing an apartment will be the most important decision you make when moving to New York. Trying to balance the budget, size, and location when finding a place can be a daunting task. By using Loftey, you will be able to search for New York City apartments at below-market rates. If searching for Chelsea apartments, specify on the Loftey website to narrow down your search. The best part is that there are no hidden fees!

5. A Sturdy Bag

To carry everything, you would normally put in your car, you will need to invest in a stylish, durable handbag that can hold a reusable water bottle, a small umbrella, a pair of gloves, and all of your other essentials. As a New Yorker, you will be spending a lot of time out in the open when getting around the city. You will need to be well prepared for weather changes and pangs of thirst. A good bag will serve you well.

Photos through Unsplash