A DIY Beginner’s Guide for Adding Shelving to Your Office

By Guest Author | office | September 9, 2020

Adding shelving can be an excellent way to create additional storage space and keep your office neat and organized. Shelving units come in a range of styles and materials, including wood, plastic, and metal. This makes it easy to find a shelving unit that will complement your interiors and suit your business needs. Installing shelves is a fairly simple project that most people can do themselves with some basic DIY skills and the right tools. Here is a beginner’s guide to adding shelving to your office.

Consider different materials

There are many different shelves on the market in various materials. The first step is to consider the other options and pick what type of shelving you want to install. Bear in mind that you need to choose shelving that is both functional and decorative. For instance, pine boards and MDF boards are extremely versatile as they can be painted or stained to create your desired look.

On the other hand, glass shelves can be used in your office to help you create a modern and professional style. The look of the shelving is important, although you must also consider other factors such as weight limit. If you are planning on placing heavy items like books or office equipment on the shelving, then you will need to pick a sturdy shelving material and consider adding reinforcements such as an L shaped bracket.

Choose the appropriate fixings

Once you have chosen the best shelving for your office space, you will need to determine what fixings to use. This step is extremely important as the correct fixings will ensure that your shelves are sturdy and secure. The most appropriate fixings will depend on your wall type. Heavy-duty wall plugs and screws are often required when installing shelving units on brick or concrete walls or when the shelving unit is large and heavy. Whereas you can use smaller screws or studs when installing a light shelving unit on plaster or drywall.

Make sure the shelf is level

Proper preparation will help to ensure that your office shelves are level and in the correct position. Make sure that you measure your walls several times and mark the position of the shelving with a pencil before you start any work. You can use a carpenter’s level to make sure that the shelving is centrally positioned and level.

You must always do this before you start drilling. This will help to ensure that the shelves are the desired height and position. There are plenty of DIY and home improvement articles offering advice on how to level shelves and ensure a high-quality installation.


Adding shelving to your office can be an easy way to maximize your space and create a more organizing working environment. You should be able to install shelving units yourself, which makes it an affordable way to enhance your office. Make sure that you refer to DIY guides and purchase the correct tools and equipment to ensure that your DIY shelving project is a success.