9 Tools to Record Movies for Watching Offline

By Guest Author | video | July 26, 2019

It is nice to be able to enjoy videos onyour phone in a public place. But what if there is no internet, and you can’taccess the online video sharing platform. This can be fixed by saving a copy ofthe video on your computer first before going to the place.  The followingare 9 tools that you can use to record and save movies for watching offline onyour computer.

YouTube Downloader Plugin

If the video is on YouTube, you can install the YouTube video downloader plugin on your browser. In Mozilla Firefox, you must click on the three lines icon and select Add-Ons. Then, you must search for YouTube Download to select and install a plugin. Once installed, you will see the Download button below the video player. Different plugins will offer different savings options. You can try various plugins until you find one that let you download the video in the format you want.

Desktop Screen Recorder

The second method is to screen record the video and save it on your computer. If you choose this method, it is best to get a desktop screen recorder software like Movavi Screen Recorder. It is easy to use – draw a record frame on the area you want to record. It is like using your mouse cursor to draw an invisible square on your computer screen.

You can also enter the resolution in width and height. They usually have pre-sets for the resolution of the record frame. You should consider dividing the screencast recording to a few sessions if the video is lengthy. If you want to save storage space, you can choose to record the video in the lowest resolution such as 360p.

If your computer has Windows 10, you can screen record the video on Xbox Game Bar To launch the Xbox Game Bar; you must hold down the Windows Key and G on your keyboard. A popup will appear and ask you if it is a game you are recording. You must check the Yes; this is a game checkbox to open the game bar. Next, you must click the start recording button, which is the red round icon to start recording the video.

Online Screen Recorder

You also have the option of using an online screen recorder to record your screen. Online screen recorder requires you to have flash installed on your computer. It will have a link that points you to the site where you can download the flash if you don’t yet have flash installed on your computer. The downside of using an online screen recorder is that it can hang easily. When it hangs, you have to refresh the tab and restart the screen recording session.

YouTube Red

YouTube Red allows subscribers to download videos for watching offline. It is the premium version of YouTube. If you subscribe, there will be no ad on the YouTube videos you watch. You can download individual video or the entire playlist for watching offline. You must have the official YouTube app or the YouTube Music app to watch the movies you have downloaded on the YouTube Red.

YouTube Offline for Android

You can subscribe to YouTube Offline for Android to watch videos offline on your phone. You can download the videos via your mobile data network or Wi-Fi network. Once downloaded, you can play the video offline for up to 48 hours. If you want to watch the video offline after 48 hours, you will have to reconnect to the internet and re-sync the video.

The downloaded video will automatically renew if you go online in your home country for at least 1 time every month. Not all videos can be downloaded for watching offline. The video download will automatically resume if the internet disconnect halfway in the downloading process.

Like YouTube Red, not all videos can be downloaded for watching offline. To view a video offline, you must first visit the video page. The video must have an Add to Offline icon for you to download it for offline watching. The video that is not available for this option will feature a crossed Add to Offline button.

Online Video Converter

You can use the online video converter to save the online video. First, you must copy the YouTube video link. After that, you go to the online video converter page and paste in the YouTube video link. It will download the YouTube video. When it finish downloaded the YouTube video, it will provide a link for you to download the video to your computer. You will be able to choose the format of the downloaded video. It can download video from any link and convert it to the format you want.

Online Social Media Downloader

Same like online video converter, the online social media downloader can also be used to download video on social media. It can only download video uploaded on social media. An example is social media downloader. It also has an Android app version which allows you to download social media video for watching offline on the Android device. It supports a long list of social media sites such as YouTube, Vevo, Liveleak, Rumble, and NBC News.

Legal Torrent Sites

You can download videos from legitimate torrent sites. Legit torrent sites only offer to download legally share contents. It is different from other torrent sites like Bit Torrent, which offers download of both licensed and illegally shared content. The download speed depends on how many people are downloading the same video file. In all torrent sites, there is a search box which you can use to search for the video. You can also find the video you want to download by browsing the categories.

Record the Streaming Video with Camcorder

If you have no other option, use your camcorder to record the live streaming video. It is tiring to hold the camcorder to record the movie that is playing on your computer screen. Instead, you should set it on a tripod so that you can record the movie without any shaking of the camera. Once the video is recorded, transfer it to your computer and use the crop tool in the video editor to crop away the monitor screen.