7 tips on how to boost your marketing ROI

By Guest Author | marketing strategy | April 15, 2021

The correct marketing strategy is usually the most significant part, as for your service or product, it could make powerful winning promotional campaigns.


The company’s performance indicators depend on the formation and implementation of the company’s effective advert activities, the main tasks of which include maximizing profits and increasing ROI. So, to pick the needed way and be certain that you would not squander any coin, it is really important. And in the business world, you have to focus on monitoring the primary thing – ROI.

What is Marketing ROI?

Returns on investment (ROI) informs you whether your own business is a productive investment, in which you can put your time and energy, or you need to plan some modifications. In general, it is a measure of the income and losses after you performed some marketing actions. With ROI, you can measure the effectiveness of each campaign that is significant for your business via the simple formula:

((Profit – Costs)/Costs) x 100 = ROI

It shows how much money you will lose or get after your marketing actions, as well as whether the previously implemented schemes were working. Whenever your ROI is positive, it is an excellent thing. Until you earn from one dollar more than one dollar, you are in a great business position, and the way you picked is right.

ROI’s analysis will help you discover your next steps and evaluate the possible outcome. Here are a couple of our best practices for raising your return on investment up.

1. Set ROI goals and create a tracking plan

It is helpful, like with every process, to set the desired aim. The same is in ROI’s improvement process. Having a smart, achievable, and relevant goal will motivate you and help you develop a tracking plan to review and monitor the progress. It also will inform you if you need to do some actions. You may find numerous supportive tools for ROI tracking in the Internet world, and you can rely on them.

2. Measure the effectiveness of your marketing by identifying your core metrics

Marketing investments are significantly different from other types and have a radically different structure, and therefore require other approaches to determining their effectiveness. Depending on your final aims of selling strategy, you need to monitor various measurements, which will assist you with your ROI dissecting. You can identify at least 14 such metrics, but you need to find those that will be the most relevant for your process. In practice, to assess the higher effectiveness of selling activities, you should follow conversion rate, customer lifetime value, cost per lead, and per sale or acquisition. Other goals will take your focus to other measures.

You may find unusual ways to modify your digital marketing plan’s areas and boost ROI by defining the right metrics and by marketing effectiveness’ measuring.

3. Try other marketing channels

The ideal approach to increase marketing ROI is to perform more and more experiments. Experiments are able to assist you in investigating the most working plans and channels. And after that, you will modify those points and make them work even better. You may experiment with some fundamental channels like email, direct mail, SMS, social media, digital advertisements, content marketing, etc. These tests could show the channels that could get the most reaction from your target audience, which works for your business in the best way.

4. Focus on your income increasing

Obviously, the most valuable element for the business is income. To boost your profit you have to find the best approaches to invest your time and money. And in the future, you will get much better results than now. For marketing ROI’s improvement, it is additionally necessary to be informed about the expenses at each phase of your campaign. Because in case of losses, your business will fail and deteriorate, and then you would need to scale it again. If you manage and control your costs, you will discover weak sides and improve them, positively influencing your profit.

5. Don’t be scared to raise the prices

Your customers want to believe that they get what they paid for. So, if you produce the quality service or product, it will be fair to raise prices a little. Of course, you should thoroughly analyze the whole process and ensure that people will still buy the product. And if this solution is a wise step, you will get great results as customers ready to pay more for the high-quality thing. In this way, they feel the value of what they bought.

6. Leverage Automation

Complex software can support almost every workflow in the world of business. And to maximize ROI you can rely on automation, which will support you with achieving higher efficiency.

The most helpful form of automation is an email auto-responder through different services, which can deploy an email sequence at intervals that you specify. This is a simple yet efficient way to become reliable for your people and bring value to the eyes of your audience. Automation deals with all routine jobs and saves a ton of your time every day.

There are numerous online instruments that are able to support you with modifying your selling plan and increment your ROI in various manners. They will help to drive sales and income by email advertising computerization, these tools can take responsibility for normal and dull tasks. They will also analyze all information, which will bring crucial stats to affect the decisional without your improvement processes.

7. Try A/B Testing

A/B testing is a practical method of comparing various marketing elements and sites and checking what transformations your guests like better. This sort of checking will help you with discovering the strengths and weaknesses of your campaigns. A/B tests include changing one element of a marketing strategy or website and comparing it with the original. But each such test would not be quite the same as the following. As depends on your niche of business, objectives, and your item’s attributes, A/B tests could have different duration and complexity.

With this kind of checking, you can test many websites and marketing campaign elements, like:

•            Headlines
•            Website colours
•            Call to actions
•            Page’s design and layout
•            Fonts
•            Landing page copy
•            Links for navigation

Recently, companies’ interest in ROI has grown faster because the measurement and models of this indicator provide advantages over competitors and give the possibility to increase profits of the company, create more effective strategies and make effective marketing decisions. The better your ROI is, the faster you can reinvest in your marketing and be unafraid about this activity. Besides, this implies you have the opportunity to expand and develop your business. You will get the rewards, so proceed smart and begin making activities directed at your ROI’s improvement.

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