7 Simple Steps to Refresh Your Workplace After Getting Back to Work

By Guest Author | office | June 18, 2021

Now that more people are being allowed to return to the workplace it is more important than ever to make sure that it is a space that allows for productivity and doesn’t give off the air of being locked up for months on end. It may seem like a tougher challenge now that many have become used to working at home in an environment which they control and have set up to their liking, but it is doable.


In this article, you will find seven simple ways to help you refresh your workplace once you are able to get back in there.

Checking the HVAC Equipment

When returning to your workplace after a long time the first step to take is to make sure that your HVAC supplies are all in working condition. This is especially important if you are particularly reliant on the equipment, for example in hot weather a lot of workers would class their air conditioning as an essential piece of equipment and the same is true for the heating system in the colder months. It is essential to check your HVAC supplies and make sure that they are replaced whenever it is needed when you return to the workplace so that the workers are comfortable.


Having plants around the workplace is a good idea for many different reasons, but particularly if you are trying to refresh the space after getting back to work. Plants have the amazing ability to improve the air quality of the room that they are in because they take in our carbon dioxide and release oxygen, which will also make those in the space more awake thanks to the increased oxygen levels. According to research done by some psychologists, having plants in the workplace can also work to increase productivity so this is a great step to complete when refreshing your workplace.

Lighting and Colour Schemes

Two more simple steps to refresh your workplace after getting back to work are ensuring there is enough lighting, artificial or natural, and adapting the color scheme of the area to promote the most productivity. Both of these can affect a worker’s mood as well as their ability to concentrate. The recommendation for a color scheme is to keep it natural as it is seen as calming for those spending time in the room.

Décor and Candles

These steps are mainly for your personal desk. Bring in décor that will inspire you to work, make it so that you feel comfortable at your desk, and consider what will help you to complete the task at hand, whether that is a new pen pot or something that will make you smile. Having a candle as one of these items of decoration has been recommended because while it improves the light levels, which help in your workplace as previously discussed, having a lit candle beside you as you work can also improve your creativity levels which will help your performance when you get back to work.


A major need when working is to be organized, so one step for refreshing your workplace is to make sure that the correct level of organization is still in place. If it isn’t where you need it to be, it would be a good idea to look into different ways that this could be achieved. A way in which you may be able to accomplish this would be through the use of different storage solutions so that everything is filed in the correct way. It is important to make sure that any clutter that has accumulated in your workplace is cleared away before you try to restart your work because it can distract you from the task at hand otherwise.

Overall, there are several different ways that you can refresh your workplace after getting back to work, but hopefully, these seven simple steps will help you to feel better about returning. All of the steps listed above are important to consider before going back and are all rather simple to accomplish in a short time frame, meaning the return will be as seamless as possible.