7 Facts To Know About AWS Certifications

By Guest Author | AWS | April 24, 2021

Amazon Web Services (AWS), as the market leader in the cloud computing arena, has turned into a part of several company workspaces since it got introduced in 2006. It can be a hybrid deployment or a complete shift away from data centers and onsite servers.


Regardless of that factor, cloud computing has turned into a core competency and part of multiple enterprises.

With 68 percent of SMBs and 64 percent of enterprises running AWS applications in some capacity, the platform is here to stay for a long time. And here’s what you need to know about getting AWS certified.

1.  Why Do IT Professionals Need to Consider AWS certification?

For the IT professionals, you are learning how the platform works. Getting certification ensures that you remain updated with the cloud computing demands and keep developing in a highly in-demand service.

Meanwhile, the business owners and the ones looking for IT services should know that their IT technicians and MSP have the skills and credentials to manage correctly, deploy, and use applications on AWS. This will make sure that they remain in the right hands while addressing the requirements on the platform. It is necessary to seek certification in this field to increase your prospects of growth in your career.

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2.  What Makes The AWS Certification So Important?

AWS happens to be the most widely used type of cloud computing for both enterprises and SMBs. Being an AWS certificate managerwill help you in more ways than one. AWS offers clear proof that it’s not only going to grow, but its services are going to spread across businesses of all scales.

It showcases a competence in the sought-after and in-demand service, with knowledge and hands-on experience of the best practices.

It means you have a more competitive skill and shared knowledge of the platform, its terminology, and expertise in dealing with cloud projects. The expertise you can offer is directly proportional to the number of certifications you have.

3.  The Number of Certifications Present Under the AWS

Until today, AWS contains eleven certifications, apart from one foundational level certification, that they used to distribute across different learning paths. You will find three associate-level, two professional-level, and six specialty certifications under the AWS examinations. The certifications ensure solid understanding and competency in the multiple specialties and roles involved in the AWS Cloud experience.

The certifications are role-based and let teams and individuals reach out for their goals. You can take only the tests you want to complete to gain the certifications required to meet the particular needs. The AWS certifications are:

— Cloud Practitioner
— Solutions Architect
— SysOps Administrator
— Developer
— Solutions Architect Professional
— DevOps Engineer Professional
— Machine Learning
— Alexa Skill Builder
— Security roles
— Advanced Networking
— Big Data

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4.  The Timeline Required to Get the Certification

Every certification has its timeline depending on the length of the examination. But Amazon has offered particular timeframes for every level of certification. Though these are not critical timelines, we would recommend the ones who are new to this branch to study and get themselves appropriately familiarized rather than rush to take examinations for which they have no prior preparations.

— Six months of fundamental use is suitable for practitioner certification
— A year of experience is good for any of the associate certifications
— Two years is good to go for the professional certifications
— It varies from one examination to another for specialty

5.  How Can You Learn The Details Of AWS?

For the AWS certification, Amazon has its specific methods of training. You will get free digital training courses and live classes with accredited AWS instructors that use a mix of learning modes and onsite, personal training to give individuals hands-on training.

You will also find several websites that provide extensive training for this certification. Many of these websites have their tests and quizzes to help you thoroughly prepare for the official AWS certification exams.

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6.  Duration For Which The Certificate Lasts

The AWS certifications last for three years. You will have to go for a recertification exam after that to make sure that you still have updated knowledge about the available services.

Keep in mind that Amazon is consistent in updating new implements and tools. Thus, go for recertifications to ensure that you are keeping up with the changes brought in by AWS as a certified individual. It also helps your career because you can make decisions based on the latest developments.

7.  What Are The Tips To Earn AWS Certification?

You can choose to enroll in a reputed AWS training class to increase your knowledge about this field. It also helps to review the exam or study guides you find near at hand. It would help if you also read several AWS whitepapers because these hold invaluable information that might answer many of the queries you have.

It would be best to focus on practice exams because these will ease your stress and worries about the certification exam. Create a schedule to keep up your daily practice.

Parting Note

And now you know all the essential details about AWS certifications. It is time for you to go ahead and choose the certification you want to opt for. Give your career a new boost with AWS certifications and start your training for the exams today.