7+1 Estonian Startups Attending Web Summit

By Guest Author | #estonianmafia web summit | October 13, 2015

Note: This post was amended to include Funderbeam (#8 below).

Dublin is bracing itself. With Web Summit fast approaching, preparation is in full swing to make sure the 30,000 attendees have all the fresh ideas, cold Guinness and (we hope) working wifi they need to make the event a success.

Last year, startup Click and Grow stood out among the ranks of the Estonian Mafia and caught the organisers’ attention. The team at Click and Grow told CoFounder:

“We really enjoyed the participation in the last Web Summit, and we’re gonna let the good feelings linger for a while before we jump into another one. Definitely interested to follow up with what’s gonna be happening there this year!”

So the big question on everyone’s lips is Who will be flying the Estonian flag in Dublin in November?

Here are our Estonian ‘ones to watch’:

  1. Contriber

Contriber make collaborative software and project management tools that have a video game-style interface to make work feel just that little bit less… well, less like work. Founder and CEO Rein Lemberpuu will be in Dublin. Why not say hello?

  1. Fleep

Henn Ruukel, Co-Founder and CEO, will be at Web Summit representing next generation messaging service Fleep. Struggling to achieve inbox zero? Want to know how to crush your email? Hook up with Henn.

  1. Jobbatical

Look out for Karoli Hindriks, Founder and CEO of Jobbatical. On a mission to make the world of work a better place, Jobbatical connects top global talent with companies that can use their skills, giving individuals the opportunity to work in fresh environments, gather new skills and bring their creative approach to a new business.

  1. Sentab

Tarmo Pihl founded Sentab to help make technology a bridge – not a barrier – to connect older adults with their family and friends. By turning a regular TV into an interactive device that can be used to make voice and video calls to other enabled TV sets, computers or smartphones, families can share and connect with older relatives through the Sentab system.

  1. Bondora

Catch up with C-Level Exec Daryna Purina, who will be attending Web Summit on behalf of alternative finance pioneer, Bondora. Since its inception in 2009, Bondora has issued a cumulative 62 million EUR in loans, connecting lenders directly with over 9000 investors from 37 different countries.

  1. Teamweek

Welcome to Team Planning 2.0. With ‘kinder, gentler Gantt Charts’, Teamweek allows teams to schedule, manage and share tasks. Check them out. Growth-hacker-in-residence Laura Noodapera will be talking shop for Teamweek at Web Summit.

  1. Transferwise

They’ve only existed since January 2011, but we are pretty sure you have heard of Transferwise as they single-handedly ‘flip a gazillion dollar industry on its head’. Co-Founder and Executive Chairman Kristo Käärmann will be taking a short break from helping regular people take charge of transferring their own money – and keeping it well out of the hands of ‘skyscrapers and suits’ – to speak at event’s ‘Money’ Summit. Tune in.

  1. Funderbeam

Funderbeam is a unique (and tardy) addition to this list because it’s a startup that analyses startups, then offers that data via a subscription service to startups and investors. They just hit 1.75m EUR in funding, and a beta launch of their marketplace (based on blockchain technology) is planned for late 2015. Funderbeam was chosen as a BETA finalist for Web Summit’s PITCH, where it will be represented by founder and CEO Kaidi Ruusalepp and cofounders Urmas Peiker and Villu Arak.

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