7 easiest ways to increase the sharing of social media posts

By Guest Author | Social media | February 2, 2021

Social media has grown to become the preferred space for brands to engage and connect with their audience. It singles handily has helped brands achieve their marketing objectives by generating higher leads and increasing brand awareness! 


One of the best ways to check your social media growth is by checking your social media shares. 

What is Social Media Sharing?

Social media sharing of posts is an organic form of promotion. It involves sharing and broadcasting of content by people with their friends, family, and other acquaintances. Anything from images and blog posts to products can be shared or broadcasted on social media. 

As per data found by impactplus.com, over 92% of people trust the recommendations of brands provided by friends. This is much higher than the 75% that trust the advertisements. The website also mentions social media being able to generate 2x times more sales than paid promotions. 

Some of the top reasons why your social media sharing is important- 

– It is a cost-effective way to increase the visibility of your brand or business. 

– It defines the brand 

– It can increase brand recognition by introducing your brand/business to a new set of people. 

– This type of content sharing on social media platforms is a crucial factor in eCommerce growth. 

Since organic growth entirely relies on the people that follow you on social media. Not everybody will believe in your social media content and often unfollow you if not enticed. Some other reasons for your brand or business for losing its sharing power amongst followers are- 

– They don’t believe in your brand and what it is offering. 

– Irrelevant content that may not be worth sharing. 

To make sure your followers are sharing your content, then read the seven ways to do so below- 

Method 1- Create the most sharable content

The content uploaded across social media platforms is of the video, image, and text variety. The video content tends to garner more attention than images or text, and long-format content falls flat! As per an article on Sproutsocial.com- bite-sized content has been thriving and is popularly utilized on social media platforms like Tik Tok and Instagram. This type of content is easy to share and has chances of going viral. 

A policy to practice- think of quality over quantity. 

Method 2- ensure your posts are mobile-friendly

As per statista.com, in 2019 there were 83% of people watched and shared social media content through their phones. This makes it essential for you to optimize all your posts for the mobile versions of famous social media applications. 

Now the optimization goes beyond just resizing images/videos or reducing your tweet or caption length. It involves creating content that is user-friendly regardless of the medium it is being viewed on. Keep in mind that your followers should interact freely instead of just scrolling the news feed. 

Some things that you must keep in mind- 

– Ensure graphics are zoomable 

– Captions must have proper punctuation and line breaks 

– Avoid too many hashtags that are commonly used 

Method 3- Repost the content generated by users

UGC or user-generated content is the type of content that is created by your followers. Why should you be aware of UGC? Because over 86% of millennials put their faith in user-generated content, it is a good measure of the quality of a brand’s products or services. 

Many brands and companies like Airbnb, adobe, apple, Anastasia Beverly Hills, and Top Shop regularly repost and share images/videos on their social media pages. All companies have a massive fan following on platforms like Instagram! 

As per Impactplus.com, you can quickly increase your sales through User-generated videos by 20%. So how do you get your followers to generate UGC? 

  • Try using a hashtag that is unique to your brand or product. 
  • Encourage generation and uploading of UGC by offering discounts, gifts, or other 
  • Run campaigns 

Method 4- Be consistent with the content

Be regular with video or image uploads on your social media handles to establish your presence. One of the best ways to ensure consistency in your uploads is by finding out when your audience is using social media apps! For this, you can check out insights available on different social media apps. 

You can test out apps like Hootsuite to schedule and manage your social media accounts to ensure that uploads happen regularly.

Method 5- Upload quality and relevant content

The content you upload must be relevant and relatable to drive a conversation or encourage a response. Try planning your content instead of winging it and spamming your follower’s feed. Planning content in advance will also allow you to keep track of trends and produce content accordingly. 

The trend of “How it started vs. how it’s going” took over social media, and the famous beer brand Heineken put out its twist to it. See image below-

Method 6- Ask for the engagement

You will not sound desperate if you ask for engagement on your posts. ASK QUESTIONS in your captions; they can be something as simple as the caption you see in the image below. It’s humorous and super catchy!

You could also use sentences like “liked this post? Then share it on your Instagram/Facebook page” at the end of your caption. 

Check out another example of a share-worthy Instagram post below. Who doesn’t want to learn about a new word? It is a given that the followers would want to share this information with friends and fellow followers. 

Method 7- Be cheerful and stop being gloomy

Add a dash of humour to your posts that increases the chances of people wanting to share them. As per the research conducted by coschedule content that can generate a positive emotion, people are most likely to be shared. 

These emotions could range from laughter to small joys like accomplishing a new milestone concerning your brand.

Check out twitter from 2 famous brands on twitter below. 

Key Takeaway

Increasing your social media shares is not an impossible task. The methods mentioned above can surely get you on the right track. Keep in mind that understanding your audience may take you some time. But by experimenting, you shall be able to devise the right strategy. 

  • Bhavik Soni is a Creative Writer at Auto Monkey. We provide an original analysis of the latest happenings in the social media industry. Connect with Latest Social Media Trends and News plus tips on Twitter, Facebook and other social tools on the web