6 Top Tips for Branding Your Office

By Guest Author | BRANDING office | March 6, 2020

Whether you have just got your own premises or are rebranding an existing office, you need to give plenty of consideration to both the design and functionality of the space before you jump in with a paintbrush or start moving furniture. Be sure to seek input from the rest of the people in the company. They are bound to have ideas about what the company’s priorities are and how space should be designed to help them work to their maximum potential. With input from lots of different people, you can get a clearer picture of what your brand stands for. Here are 6 top tips to help you brand your office premises.

ONE – Take inspiration from your location

You might want to consider the location of your office as it could be a great inspiration. This is a particularly good approach if the business has local roots or a local focus. For example, a painted mural on the wall which incorporates local landmarks and traditions could be a great focal point in a reception area.

TWO – Consider differentiating client and staff areas

You should consider a different approach for the client and staff areas in your offices. For example, you might want to use custom stencils to add your company logo and corporate messages to the walls in your client areas, but staff spaces may need a different approach. Your staff won’t want branding at every turn; they want a comfortable workspace, which enables them to do their job as well as possible.

THREE – Focus on your product

Your design should celebrate your product or the service you provide. If your company makes food or drink, a large communal kitchen and dining area would be ideal. If your company makes toys and games, a ‘playroom’ where staff can discuss ideas and test prototypes could be a great hub of activity.

FOUR – Consider how your company functions

Your office should look good, but it also needs to support the work which needs to be done there. If your team needs to collaborate, go for an open-plan office and try to introduce large tables or seating areas where they can do so. If staff need to be able to work uninterrupted or are working with confidential information, provide quiet spaces.

FIVE – Don’t go OTT

There is a fine line to walk in terms of how flashy you want your office to be. If you splash out on all the modern appliances and a glamorous style of décor, you might be trying to portray an image of success and professionalism, but you might end up telling clients and shareholders that you are wasteful with money.

SIX – Involve staff in re-decoration and furnishings

To ensure everyone feels invested in the design, try to involve staff in the practical changes as much you can. They could help to paint the walls, put furniture together, or choose the plants. Maybe they would like a say over the entertainment in the break-out area such as a football or pool table? The more input your staff has, the more likely it is they will feel comfortable in their surroundings.