5 Ways to Declutter Your Office

By Guest Author | office | December 10, 2021

A cluttered office is problematic. Along with being a distraction, it can lead to important files and devices becoming misplaced – both of which can hamper productivity levels. A messy office also increases the chances of a workplace injury. 

If you’re currently faced with the prospect of resolving a cluttered office, this guide is here to help. Below are five ways to get the job done successfully. 

1. Know what you need

What are you currently using in your office? Are there computers sitting around gathering dust? Is that old sofa not receiving any use? Before you commit to your decluttering project, make a note of everything in the office. Then observe which of these items are used and which currently have the same practicality as an ornament. 

While certain items – like specific files and cables – have to stick around on a “just in case” basis, you should prepare to wave goodbye to the items that are no longer utilised. 

2. Go with one area at a time

Even if your business only operates in a small space, decluttering your office is a big job. It can be overwhelming to try and tackle this task when doing it all in one go. This is why it makes sense to “section” up your office space, where you only take on a single section at a time. 

By breaking down the task into manageable pieces, it is ultimately easier and less daunting than trying to deal with it all in one go. 

3. Digitalisation 

The power of digitalisation means you can seriously reduce the need for physical items in the office. As an example, you might have already done this to some degree by going paperless. However, more work can be done in that regard. With cloud computing systems, which utilises a virtual environment, it’s possible to eliminate certain space-consuming physical resources from your office.  

4. Clean and sort

You know what is sticking around in the office. Now it’s time to separate these items from those that will be going as part of the decluttering process. You then have to sort the disposable items into two different piles: those that will be donated or sold and those that are deemed waste. 

Even if the office is decluttered, you want to add that finishing touch of cleaning. By wiping down surfaces, cleaning fabrics, getting rid of dust, etc., it will freshen up the space and make it more habitable. 

5. Have professionals dispose of waste

Rather than you and your employees dealing with the task of office waste removal, there are numerous reasons to hire a professional disposal outlet. By bringing in an office clearance specialist like Milkris Interiors and hiring a skip from them, you can have your office clear of all your unwanted items and waste, including furniture and flooring. 

An added benefit is that a specialist can dispose of the waste in an environmentally-friendly way. Rather than adding your waste to landfills, they can process all recyclable materials and assist with your sustainability efforts.