5 Ways Technology Has Changed Your Lifestyle In 2021

By Guest Author | tech lifestyle | March 29, 2021

Technology has revolutionized our lives in recent decades. Excellent tools and resources are delivering helpful information at our fingertips. Computers, smartphones, smartwatches, and other technology-dependent devices are bringing multi-functional comfort and utility.


Technology advancements are making medical diagnostics more intelligent and user-friendly. Social apps and instant messaging have made the world a global village. From dawn to dusk, technology-enabled travel, business tools, delivery apps, and fitness devices work for our benefit.

Predictive studies foresee a digitally savvy world with robotics, artificial intelligence, and automation flourishing by 2030. Over 4 billion people globally are active Internet users. Technology has reached phenomenal growth, and there is no stopping its massive influence on living a healthy, productive, and smart life. Here are five ways technology is redefining our life.   

1.  Healthcare: More Virtual and AI-driven  

Technology in the health domain is proving to be beneficial for patients and service providers. In the dental industry, companies like EZ Smile are making it easier for patients to access oral healthcare products without the need for face-to-face consults.

Telemedicine, cloud computing, and AI techniques help unlock heaps of healthcare data for virtual patient connectivity and dosage error reduction. Robot-assisted surgery, virtual nursing, health monitoring tools, healthcare apps are changing the face of healthcare. Cannabis trends shall dominate in 2021, and more people will be able to buy legal weed and CBD products from the comfort of their homes.

2.  Telecommuting: Working The Remote Way

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Remote working is the new normal. According to the Enterprise Technology Research survey, the percentage of work from homers is likely to double in 2021. Telecommuting entails less office space, so the focus will be on virtual employee engagement to boost work enthusiasm and performance. Work done will get more attention within organizations instead of hours worked. Remote employee management tools like Timely are maximizing employee efficiency. WFH also helps reduce pollution impact and minimizes accidents and road injuries.      

3.  Online Shopping: Smooth Transaction and Delivery

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Getting everything from grocery items, books, electronic goods, smartphones to pet care is now a click away. Cash invoices have advanced into paperless billing, and e-commerce facilitates shopping and utility bills payment online and anytime. Busy parents can get world-class branded toys and cakes for their children faster without queuing up at far-away departmental stores.             

4.  Transportation: Ride-Sharing Trend

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Rising petrol costs are making people shift to the car-pool alternative. Cab hiring helps save time and money to reach the workplace. Popular car-sharing apps like Uber help people avail of car travel facilities from anywhere to reach distant locations. GPS map facility makes the cab drivers trackable. 

5.  Social Networking: Bonding Virtually

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Modern-day social apps like Telegram, Facebook, and Instagram are redefining message sharing. Traditional tools like telephone and facsimile have grown into Email, Skype, Zoom, etc., to give people revolutionary ways to stay connected. The pandemic has brought in a virtual closeness between families, individuals, and business people. This shows the power of technology in bringing people together and bridging the gap. Shared calendars help avoid personal feuds in friends and family.

Final Thoughts

Many more technology advancements are underway to make your lifestyle easier, convenient, and hassle-free. Keep checking the internet and from your traveller friends for innovations and products.