5 Tools For Freelancers To Delegate Work Easily

By Guest Author | freelancers | October 4, 2021

For most freelancers, the very idea of delegating their work to other hands and brains is just plain wrong. They approach their clients, market themselves, get the gig, and work very hard to make it work for everyone concerned.  The idea that they have to hand over the precious project/s to someone else is a bit of a nightmare.  What if they don’t deliver, what if they mess up the deadlines. These thoughts keep running in their heads constantly.  However, one person can only do so much. 


Eventually, if you want to grow bigger, it is inevitable that you will have to share the work with others. Yes, there may be pitfalls. Some content writers may simply spin the articles assigned to you and you get the blame. They may not take your deadlines seriously enough or they will not have the rigid quality control checks that you run your work through, to ensure optimum quality. All of these issues can hamper your growth from an individual worker to a team leader. But it does not have to be this way at all.  Not if you use the following tools to delegate their work safely and easily in order to get the best results: 

Gig Walk

The Gig Walk is widely considered to be one of the worlds’ largest on-demand mobile workforce connecting sites. It connects businesses of all sizes and types to their very own on-demand workforce via the smartphone. It was launched over ten years ago in May 2011. From that day up until now, over 300,000 Gig Walkers have completed all sorts of temporary fieldwork including store audits, competitive tracking, customer interviews mystery shopping, field photography, and the like

Task Rabbit

This is an online and mobile marketplace. Its main claim to fame is that it connects people living in or close to the same neighborhoods to get things done.  The site has fully vetted, and top-notch entrepreneurial professionals who regularly contribute both their time and skills so as to help their neighbors out. They charge a small fee so that busy people will be able to squeeze some extra time in the 24 hours they have. It’s all about neighbors helping their respective neighbors. Basically, a very old-school concept but one that has been upgraded for today. 

Agent Anything

Agent Anything is an online platform that essentially unlocks the talent, time as well as intrinsic abilities of a city’s university students. This platform enables both people and companies to post tasks, small jobs, and even errands to skilled, unskilled, and affordable workers.  These workers are referred to as ‘agents’ and they can be hired for anything and everything from running an errand to content writing all the way to full-time jobs. From copywriters to moms short of time, agents do it all. 

Co-working Spaces 

Shared office spaces or coworking spaces are also a great tool that can help delegate work easily to your target audience. They could help utilize multiple streams so they can work more efficiently. You can now find shared office spaces almost everywhere now including in Chicago.  As a matter of fact, shared office space in Chicago is an ideal place to delegate work to people living in that area. Another advantage of co-working is that they can help you to lead your team while being physically present in the same office. This way, you can help and guide them in their work. 


This easy-to-use online tool allows you to create a profile that will showcase what you can give and also what you need to get done. I.e. You will be able to upload your skills and services so that everyone can see what you have to offer and also what you need done. Swappin, as the very name states, is all about doing something for someone with an element of ‘quid pro quo.’ The app allows you to find out who is close enough to swap their task with yours. 


Sometimes, it is necessary to delegate work. If that is the case, you can use any number of online tools for the purpose. Alternately, you can also get a co-working space so that you will be able to work with them.