5 Tips to Create a Successful Ghost Kitchen

By Guest Author | kitchen | April 8, 2022

A ghost kitchen may sound like something that serves the paranormal. However, it’s actually a very popular career option for individuals wanting to start their own food business.

In short, it’s a regular kitchen/restaurant that doesn’t have a dining or service area for customers. Instead, the offered food is only served via delivery services and occasionally a drive-through. This has many advantages, including smaller running costs, less food waste, and increased flexibility.

Below, we will talk about some different tips to help you create a successful ghost kitchen.

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Find the appropriate working space.

In order to create and sell high-quality food, you first need to find a ghost kitchen. While you may think that location doesn’t matter when you’re not serving customers, you couldn’t be more wrong.

Yes, you may not have a dining area, but you still need to be able to get fresh and hot food out. Choosing a venue too far away can impact your overall quality and service.

Optimize food delivery.

When serving only deliveries, how quickly you can get to your customers is essential. Unfortunately, it’s easy to make mistakes in this department, so you’ll need to figure out a delivery system that is right for you.

While it’s possible to use drivers from companies such as Uber Eats, having your own online ordering system can streamline the process. That being said, it’s all about what works in your specific area.

Create a limited menu.

Less is more when it comes to running a ghost kitchen. It’s often better to have a few specialty items that you are well known for than a vast menu that is difficult to cook, prepare and deliver.

Stick to a niche and choose popular creations that you know will sell well. Once you expand, you can then look into offering other options, including seasonal menu items.

Respond to complaints.

Everybody makes mistakes, and there will inevitably be times when you accidentally send out the wrong order or food that isn’t of the best quality. It’s best to respond to these complaints and do everything you can to offer assistance.

Neglecting to reply or forgetting basic customer service can significantly impact your reputation in the long run. This is something that can be impossible to resurrect.

Focus greatly on social media advertising.

Lastly, since ghost kitchens don’t accept walk-in customers, advertising is critical. Otherwise, it’s impossible to generate interest. Social media will allow you to reach and target the necessary audience.

Alongside creating visually appealing content, it’s also good to find other ways to promote yourself. Special offers are excellent, as well as competitions to encourage shares, likes, and comments.

Final words.

While starting up a ghost kitchen can seem a little strange at first, the above tips can help you with your journey. Remember, take each step one by one, and refer back to your business plan when necessary. This will help ensure you stay on track.

Cover photo by Daniel Nijland on Unsplash