5 Tips For Improving User Experience of Blog

By Guest Author | blogging UX | June 29, 2021

User research has shown that blogs are extremely powerful if you are hoping to get new clients. Your clients want to know what you have to offer. When you write an efficient and concise blog, they can rely on it regularly, and they begin to form a relationship of trust with you. 

At the same time, you want to make your blog appealing to your readers. A good blog writer recognizes that s/he has to do more than write well, s/he has to have a page setup that is attractive and easy for readers to navigate. Below you will find five things to do right now to improve your user’s experience on your blog.

Get Your Grammar Right

When writing your blog, you want to make sure that you use correct grammar, style, and syntax. Even though most readers are not the grammar police, bad grammar is distracting, so you may want to purchase software to check your grammar. 

Be Careful with Topography 

When you are creating your blog, you do well to be aware of your blog site’s color, spacing, and size. This also means that you do not want the fonts on your blog to be too small or too difficult to read. The default size for a monitor should be about 16 pixels. 

When it comes to your text color, you want to make sure that the text color is dark over a light background. If you do the reverse, it won’t be very pleasant to your reader’s eyes. 

Choose colors that are well paired. This means complementary colors. When you look at the color wheel, these colors can either be on opposite sides, besides each other or on an equilateral triangle. 

Place Your Images Well

Images are critical to your blog, and they must be placed correctly. You want to have eye-catching images that are not copyrighted. Apart from that, they should be relevant to what you are writing about. You want your images to stand out and be high quality.

A Site That is Loadable on Every Device

You want your website to be able to be accessed on all devices. Users are quick to turn away from your website if the loading time is too long. You want to look into caching plugins and plugins that will compress your images if need be.

Easy to Contact You and Purchase

You want your users to easily purchase any products that you were selling and be able to contact you. Ensure that you have a “contact us” button that is big, bright, and accessible on each page. 

Your Blog Your Life

Your users should have a great experience with your blog post because it speaks volumes about the time that you put into learning about them. You want a blog that is well written, and make sure that your site is easy on the eyes and simple to navigate.