5 Simplest Ways to Promote Your CBD Business

By Guest Author | cbd marketing | May 18, 2021

Undoubtedly, CBD is one of the best things that happened to the human generation. It is a substance that comes from the hemp plant and has proved to address many health issues. When you consider that many people can use CBD, like athletes, seniors, pets, bodybuilders, and almost everyone, it is lucrative for entrepreneurs.


Also, CBD is making its way into almost everything we use today. It is available in lotions, creams, edibles, pills, tinctures, oils, and treats for pets. As a result, the space is vast for investors that want a slice of the cake available from CBD.

As lucrative as CBD seems, there are restrictions from main online advertising channels like Amazon, Instagram, Google, Facebook, etc., against paid ads. As a result, investors need to distinguish themselves via clever means of advertising and promotion.

There are other smart means of advertising CBD products, and this article will focus on five of such ways:

1. Consider CBD Focused Blogs

While marketing CBD online through paid ads is a risky business, one can ignore paid ads. Let’s face it; many people are curious about CBD and what it can do for them. Moreover, several users with health issues might turn to CBD for help and consider making a Google search on what CBD can do for them.

This is where content marketing comes in. Since prospective customers are likely searching for information on CBD with keywords centered around CBD, it makes sense to invest in content marketing. One company can hire  best salesforce consulting company. Besides, it all comes down to having helpful information on your blog that adds value to people. If your blog answers people’s queries, you can turn them into paying customers. Moreover, you can also consider buying CBD product from Online Marijuana Dispensaries. 

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2. Focus on a Specific Target Group

CBD is a pretty massive niche with something for almost everyone. From an athlete who wants to reduce pain after a rigorous workout, the housewife who needs to cope with stress from overworking, seniors who need help getting enough sleep, and the lady after a spotless skin, everyone can benefit from it.

As a result, it is good to focus on a particular set of users, which could be based on gender, social status, or age. On getting your target audience, find out what they want and base your marketing tactics on this.

Targeting every individual might not be the best idea. While the market is vast, you might eventually spend too much without your profit corresponding to the effort. Besides, one might only end up tapping a smaller section of the market, making it bad for business.

3. Have a Physical Address

The world has gone global. That is why many businesses are thriving online. As a result, you might believe that having an ecommerce business like Vow to be Chic is the best for you, but having a physical location can be beneficial. Through a physical location, it does not necessarily mean a shop displaying CBD products. We recommend somewhere professional where consumers can have their questions answered. It can be a pharmacy store, a doctor’s office, or a clinic.

The idea is not to market CBD products but to provide a physical location where prospective customers can clear their doubts and better understand CBD.

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4. Consider Influencer Marketing

This is another effective way through which you can advertise your CBD business. Influencers are people with huge followers on social media. It involves selecting a reliable individual with interest in CBD, an influencer with a niche audience. Experts recommend influencers with a small audience and not more prominent influencers with a large audience as the engagement might be negligible.

Influencers can help build your CBD business and boost your credibility. It is an ideal way to improve ranking, making it easy to share content anytime and translating to a sale.

5. Consider Email Marketing

Even though you might not think much of email marketing, it is pretty helpful for CBD marketing. It remains one of the competent digital marketing channels. As long as it is strategically executed, it can be very lucrative and help you market your CBD product. With email marketing, you can easily reach your target on their mobile and PC with minimal investment. A 2019 research reveals that the number of people accessing email on their mobile devices has increased significantly.

All you need is an email newsletter focused on educating people on information, blog, and the latest research in the CBD field. With this, you can gear up people’s interest in CBD. According to a report from Nielsen, 28% of online shoppers in the US subscribed to product emails to stay informed. With this, you can be confident that an email newsletter is also a worthy channel to advertise your CBD business.

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Even though there are restrictions on advertising CBD products on Facebook, Google, and other traditional platforms, several alternatives are available for CBD businesses to promote their brands.

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