5 Major Tech Trends In Cosmetics Industry In 2021

By Guest Author | cosmetics | May 26, 2021

The tremendous development in technology has touched all industries, and cosmetics aren’t an exception. With the growing demands of new products and different application methods, these makeup giants contribute a lot in the field. New developments are happening in the cosmetic and beauty industry each day. If you are a makeup admirer, you are in for a treat.


Read further to know more about the tech trends in the cosmetic world.

Tech trends dominating the cosmetics sector in 2021:

1.   Artificial intelligence:

Artificial intelligence used by online shopping apps has come a long way. It becomes difficult to shop online since you can’t try makeup on your skin. But the marvel of AI allows your camera to make an artificial moving image of your face or hands and lets you choose the best product for yourself. Consider the Sephora app that uses simulated measurements of your eyes and lips to try different looks. Even if you have to buy a gel nail polish kit for your manicure, AI would still help you get that perfect product personalized for your hand.

2.   Digital scanner to get that perfect shade:

There’s no denying that more than half of women worry about not being able to discover the best makeup products. It won’t be easy to pick the right product with thousands of options available today. As a result, makeup companies have developed a beauty device to check your skin and find the perfect products for each skin shade. It is essentially a robotic scanner that significant cosmetics companies like Lancôme and L’Oréal are now utilizing.

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3.   Makeup sessions on video:

With the world going digital, every industry is reaping its benefits. Many people struggle with makeup and prefer going to a salon for their makeovers. In recent times visiting a salon hasn’t been possible, so companies have shifted their focus on offering accessible ways for people to apply their makeup. People avail of the service of makeup specialists to give them personalized video tutorials on makeup. This tech is helping plenty of people to learn how to make themselves look good when they cannot go to a salon.

4.   Beddings that are good for skin:

The bedsheets can now be infused with additives that help smooth the skin, thanks to advances in technology. This bedding contains additives like copper ions incorporated into cushions and pillow covers and aid in minimizing wrinkles and fine lines. Since it emits copper ions as it interacts with moisture from your skin, this bedding is most effective at night. Copper ions aid in the formation of collagen that helps reduce wrinkles. This tech gives a whole new meaning to the term’ beauty sleep’.

5.   3D printing:

Beauty consumers can now customize and manufacture their products using a makeup printing printer at home, thanks to technological advancements. The customer can paint and print any color with 3D printers that print lipstick, ensuring immediate satisfaction. Before an organization or a customer creates customized cosmetics, they must remember the skin tone, the lifestyle of the client, and facial structure.

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In conclusion

The cosmetic industry is undergoing a massive transformation owing to technological advancements. These tech trends in the cosmetic industry are here to stay. Yes, they may be at the very initial stage of development, but it gives way for many opportunities to arise in the cosmetic industry.