5 Humanistic Jobs You Can Do to Change Someone’s Life

By Guest Author | jobs | December 15, 2021

We all want a better, happier, and peaceful world to live in. It may seem impossible, but the change starts with people who are willing to touch other peoples’ lives, one person at a time.


The good news is that you can be able to change peoples’ lives and still earn handsomely to make your life worthwhile. Besides, impacting the lives of other people can be fulfilling. You find happiness when you know that you helped plant a smile on another person’s face. If you are looking for a meaningful career that will give you fulfillment and purpose, here are 5 jobs that you can consider.

1.  Nurse

Nurses touch peoples’ lives in so many ways. When patients are sick and anxious about their conditions, nurses are always available to assure them that everything will go well. Their empathy and compassion tell the patients and their families that they are in the best hands while receiving care. They go the extra mile to be a shoulder to lean on for patients who need emotional support during the recovery journey. They also use their knowledge to educate communities on different medical issues.

You must be very dedicated to learning if you want to become a nurse. You will have to do a lot of studying, and you must excel in every field. Of course, you will develop your own learning style and you will find whatever works best for you. You can search for resources to help you learn as easily as possible, such as guides and resources by Osmosis, where you can get informed on every topic that you need.

To become a registered nurse, you would need to earn an ADN or BSN degree. You are then required to pass the NCLEX-RN exam to get licensed to work as a nurse.  After finding employment and gaining clinical experience of about two years, you can then apply for board certification.

2.  Freelance writer

Most people nowadays turn to the internet for answers about their careers, health, personal growth, families, and much more. Their hope is to find information that can provide the answers that they are looking for. Unfortunately, the internet has both good and bad, and people often consume information that is misleading. You can choose to be a freelance writer with a difference. This means writing educative and informative pieces that will give your readers correct information on various things. For instance, you can become a freelance medical writer and use your knowledge and experience to write about medical issues. You can be sure to change a life if someone finds solutions to a problem through your writing.

3. Musician

Music speaks to the heart and soul. It has the power to heal broken hearts, motivate and inspire people to rise and take charge of their lives. The beats and the melody are therapeutic to the mind. Moreover, dancing to tunes helps people work out their bodies. In addition, a good choice of words can leave a lasting effect on people’s minds, hearts, and souls.

If you have dreams of becoming a musician, you can be sure that you are on the path of touching the lives of people. Just choose to do good music, with soothing beats or inspiring words.

4.  Human rights activist

Many people who are marginalized and from minority groups face a lot of human rights violations. It is also common to find powerful people denying the rights of people who are under them in terms of social status, education, or job rank. Such people whose human rights have been denied only pray for someone who can fight for them. That is where human rights activists come in. You can fight on the front line for the innocent people who have been taken advantage of. You are in a position to change peoples’ lives for the better if you can help them find justice in areas where they have been violated by selfish and greedy people.

5.  Teacher

Many people quote their teachers as the people who had the most influence in their life choices. This is because a teacher gets a chance to mold the potential of his or her students. Teachers who have the calling are capable of helping students shape their dreams as well as guide them in becoming well-rounded individuals. You can choose to teach a subject that you are passionate about. You can also specialize as a guidance and counseling teacher. Working with special needs students also gives you a chance to touch the lives of your students and families.


The world needs more people who can offer solutions and not create more problems. You can choose a career that helps change people and influence positive minds that aspire to become better. There are many jobs that you can take in this area. Working as a nurse, teacher, human rights activist, freelance writer, or creating music are just a few examples.