5 Dog Business Ideas You Can Start Using Social Media

By Guest Author | dog business | July 28, 2021

Do you have a heart for dogs and an entrepreneurial spirit? Why not put your passion into something profitable?

With the pet industry booming rapidly, starting an online business that caters to dogs and owners alike can be rewarding. More and more people are basking in the benefits of putting their money on their passion. If you want to be the same, then you’re in for a treat.

In this article, we listed down business ideas that could potentially lead to you doing what you are passionate about every day. Since pretty much everything is digital nowadays, we will present five online business recommendations that you can work on in the comfort of your home.

Social media dog personality

Have you ever had people telling you how adorable your furry pooch is? Then probably it’s about time to set up your dog’s social media accounts!

Celebrities and other influential people aren’t the only ones who can be stars on social media. Take Doug the Pug and Manny the Frenchie as examples—due to their undeniable cuteness, they have stolen the hearts of millions on Instagram, garnering 3.9 million and 1 million, respectively, as of this writing. In fact, Doug the Pug had a net worth of $500,000 in 2017!

If you think your pet is photogenic and has got everything it takes to become the next internet sensation, then this may be a great business idea.

Sell pet essentials

Dog owners need to provide their dogs with basic supplies like dog food, food bowls, and leashes. And since most of them live a busy life, they would love it if they could order these supplies with just a few taps away.

This is where your online pet store comes in—an online store that sells a simple but branded collection of basics and delivers them to customers’ doorsteps.

Sell homemade pet treats

Dogs love yummy food as much as humans do. Therefore, if you enjoy baking for your family, why not do something delicious that dogs will appreciate too? Baking dog treats can be a great way to put your craft into practice. And with people becoming more health-conscious, this is a great business opportunity to capture dog parents who are on the lookout for healthier options for their adorable dogs.

Dog toy designer

Dog parents love spoiling their four-legged companions, and if you’re a pooch owner yourself, you’ll get what we mean. If you have a passion for crafting, you can put up an online store that sells dog toys. If you have more time on your hands, you can also start developing DIY dog shelters and accessories.

Dog blogger

For those who have a flair for all things dogs and writing, then you’d probably enjoy setting up a blog. And the best part about being a blogger? You can work anytime and anywhere you want.

Share your knowledge with fellow dog enthusiasts. By writing fantastic blog posts, you can attract a legion of followers and become an affiliate marketer, which is referred to as a blogger who makes money through endorsing products and providing affiliate links on their content. 

Sponsored content and ads also offer money-making opportunities to you as a blogger.


There’s nothing more fulfilling than starting a business about something dear to you. With any of these ideas, coupled with hard work and perseverance, you’re bound to thrive in the following years to come!

Mike Powell is a dog lover and a budding entrepreneur. He regularly writes on his website, Dog Embassy, which provides everything you need about dogs, from nutritional needs to the best dog gears.