5 Business Benefits of Having an Office Gym

By Guest Author | office | July 29, 2021

Our current sedentary lifestyles have led to a veritable surge in various health-related issues. Lack of exercise means there is a virtual epidemic of diseases of the kind that lead to lifelong problems.


For instance, being overweight leads to chronic heart diseases and can bring about heart attacks, strokes, and even diabetes. From the economic viewpoint, it leads to loss of productivity, absenteeism due to illness, and even higher premiums for workmen’s insurance policies.  However, all of this can be easily avoided with the help of certain lifestyle changes. Specifically the inclusion of healthy exercise habits. What better way to work out, than at the place where you actually work? This is the part where a state-of-the-art office gym comes into the picture. Let us take a quick look at the various benefits of having one in your office:

1. It Helps in Reducing Stress

Stress is part and parcel of everyday life in the modern office. In addition, when one sits almost all day in front of their LCD computer screen they might succumb to fatigue of the arms, neck, wrist, back, as well as strain on the eyes. Here it is pertinent to note that a highly stressed-out employee will almost certainly be unsatisfied with his/her job. Such people usually leave once they get the chance. This will mean the loss of valuable human talent, not to mention the cost of training someone else. However, hitting the gym is a pretty easy way for most people to relieve their stress, not to mention the fatigue of everyday job-related requirements.

They will also look fit and trim due to loss of weight, while it will also help to lower their cholesterol and blood pressure. Once you start to exercise, your heart rate automatically rises, which in turn improves your blood flow and releases norepinephrine hormones to enhance the mood, relieve stress, and even help to ensure that your brain is functioning better.  

2. It Will Motivate Your Employees

A corporate fringe benefit of such access to a gym may turn out to be a really swell motivation factor for employees. They will be able to start becoming healthy and therefore enjoy all of the other benefits of the gym. Once your employees become more energetic thanks to regular exercise, it is an axiomatic assumption that they will also become more productive, thanks to the release of mood-elevating hormones.

3. It will make Them Happy

A happy employee is a more productive employee and they will add to the overall productivity and output of the whole company. Once your employees become gym buddies it is more than likely that they will be motivated to collaborate with each other. Thus leading to better service for both the management as well as the customers

4. It Will Cut Down Healthcare Costs Quite Substantially

Healthy workers spend less money on healthcare than their sickly counterparts. This holds true for both the overall costs they pay on their own, as well as the costs shouldered by their employers, courtesy of the healthcare provisions as written down in their employee contracts. According to various studies, an overwhelming majority of healthcare spending is entirely due to the problems created by the employees’ unhealthy lifestyles.

5. Purchasing the Right Equipment For Best Benefits

You will need suitable gym equipment in your office gym if you want it to be a success story. Many people make the mistake of stocking their gym with lots of weights. However, this approach doesn’t work well when there are different kinds of people around. For example, many women don’t do weights. The ideal office gym should have equipment that takes into consideration the hard work already put in at the office. A treadmill would be a great addition to your office gym. Rowing machines can help take the edge off a stressful day, while a stationary bike can help you relax as you exercise


 If you want happy customers, happy employees, and better productivity, you can start off with creating a well-equipped office gym for all of your workforce. You will gain a healthy, cheerful, and productive workforce that would be ready to work hard for you.