4YFN: Three question for TravelPerk

By Guest Author | 4YFN | March 19, 2019

Can you share your 4FYN experience?

Participating in 4YFN was a no-brainer for us. With tens of thousands of attendees, it’s one of the world’s leading start-up events and it’s on our doorstep in Barcelona.

Why are you taking part again this year?

It’s a great environment for networking with investors, existing customers, potential new customers, and the start-up tech scene. The conference provides fantastic speaking opportunities to be able to talk about not just TravelPerk in front of an audience, but the future and importance of tech.

What’s the gain for you?

We’ve had the chance to meet many prospective clients and discuss their business travel requirements over our stand. It’s great qualitative feedback for us. In addition to catching up with investors, we’ve come to know many from the local start-up ecosystem, always good for exchanging war stories and learning from those who’ve already tried things.

“As a start-up, even after a Series C, you have to be really careful about where you invest your resources. 4YFN made a lot of sense for us: we got to network, we met investors, scored some great customers. The attendees and content were directly relevant to us. Now, as a firmly established business, we’re graduating to MWC for the first time.” 

Avi Meir, CEO and co-founder TravelPerk