4 Ways to Make Your Startup’s Website Perfect

By Guest Author | website | October 30, 2019

What would a startup be without a great website that told everyone exactly what it was about? Well, it would certainly be missing out. Even the companies that are slow to react to change recognize that a business needs a website these days, so it goes without saying that a startup needs one.

However, your startup doesn’t just want a website; it wants a website that inspires excitement, that furthers the company’s goals and, most importantly, a site that generates leads and converts customers.

That’s a pretty long list of things your website needs to do, so here are some ways to help make sure your startup’s website gets off to the best possible start.

Keep It Simple

The work your startup does might be so complex that you’re able to send people into space, but your website doesn’t need to be overly complicated to effectively portray what you do. In fact, it’s often the case with sites that the simpler they are, the better they perform. The more you complicate things, the more there is to go wrong and the more your site speed is going to be impacted. If you want to portray yourself as a modern organization, then clean and quick beats slow and complicated every time!

User Experience

One of these easiest ways to damage your credibility as a company is to have a website that offers poor user experience. One thing that drives consumers crazy is websites that don’t work how they’re supposed to or can’t be easily navigated.

You have to keep the end-user in mind when you’re building your website and have a clear structure. If you can’t offer your users a good experience, then you’re going to fail at the first hurdle.

It can be useful to get your website checked by someone like Digivante before you launch to make sure everything is in peak working order.

Offer Real Value

To attract visitors and convert them into customers, your website has to offer real value, rather than just exist. To do this, you need to create high-quality content that is going to engage your potential customers.

There is so much amazing content on the internet, so how can you use your skills and expertise to stand out from the crowd and bring people to you? If you don’t put real time and effort into your content, then you’re going to struggle to do this.

Don’t Neglect SEO

One of the worst feelings, when you’re running a website, is knowing that you’ve written some amazing content, but not being able to figure out why it never seems to rank. The best way to avoid this problem is to make sure you’re taking care of SEO (search engine optimization) from the beginning.

Whatever content you produce, you have to remember that there’s more than one audience. Your primary audience, the humans, and your secondary audience, the bots. To achieve its full potential your content needs to be able to cater to both audiences, without impinging on the other.